Want a Better Year? Take This Sweet Bath!

This is a powerful bath used to attract love, good fortune and the sweetness of life. It is usually done on New Years Eve or on your birthday. You can also do this bath with your mate to strengthen your love and drink the rest of the champagne, if you like. Sweet! Continue reading

Wear your Lucky Outfit for New Year’s Eve

Don’t know what to wear for New Year’s Eve party? Don’t worry. Neither do I. But I’d like to choose something that would bring the good luck I want for the new year. Each color has a vibration, a meaning, and what we do at midnight will be the preview of what will happen in the upcoming year. Here I share some colors and what they mean to help you pick your lucky outfit and attract what you want. Continue reading

Laura’s secrets: Grace

Today, for the first time ever, I enjoyed the aroma of the flowers of my favorite tree, a local oak at my parents’ backyard. They have a delicate and intoxicating smell of eternity, of essence of life, of ecstasy. I immersed in its fragrance and time stopped. I looked around and noticed that it was the only tree with flowers. Parasite vines are suffocating its trunk again, but the oak doesn’t give up and blossoms. Today it looks more beautiful than ever. I lived the moment before the breeze would stop, before the sun would set, before I would return and the flowers with their perfume are gone. Today I give thanks because I had an intimate moment with the Infinite, because in the small things I found the great ones, because inside a flower I reencountered the mystery of life. I give thanks for one of the happiest years of my life yet, because I have found myself surrounded by love and loyalty, because my family, friends, and pets are my greatest treasure. I have met wonderful people and started to give all of my uncensored self and my soul without looking to whom when my days seemed most difficult. Today I celebrate how fortunate I am. I have everything that money cannot buy. I am blossoming. “Thank you to Life who has given me so much”. Continue reading

Solar Eclipse: October 23, 2014

This solar eclipse is quite particular because it indicates great transformations during the next six months in intimate relationships. It occurs at 0º 25′ of Scorpio at 5:58 pm, Atlantic Time (UTC -4) on October 23, 2014. Eclipses present themselves as moments of crisis and by happening in Scorpio, it is precisely through constant crisis where self-knowledge and self-mastery can be achieved. Some aspect of life crumbles and must be rebuilt. Some crisis in life announces some kind of death and the need to establish a new life. Continue reading

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15: A Total Eclipse of the Heart

The first eclipse of the year feels like punch on the face. I’m sorry to tell you, but this is not about you anymore. You’re no longer the protagonist, but the supporting actor in this play. If you have been worried about being recognized as the leader or for what you have done — in business or in love — you’ll have a hard time for the next following months. There must be a shift of mindset from “me first” to “we first”. Continue reading