Tarot Horoscope: December 2013

The Hanged Man calls for innovation and sacrifice in December. The established parameters break to end the cult to the ego and to work towards the common good. Rebellion is in the air looking for a better and fairer future where everyone is treated with equal conditions. Every problem will have an uncommon, unorthodox solution. We will need to open our eyes to change because things won’t work the way they used to. Any project that involves high technology, scientific research and vision of the future will be favorable this month. Any present system or structure that doesn’t serve today’s needs will be replaced by a new one that adjusts properly. We must beware of the inadvertent consequences of our own acts. Life will destroy anything we do or create for our own benefit because we didn’t choose to benefit the collective. It is time to listen, to see and to understand different points of view with an objective, open mind. Continue reading

Tarot Horoscope: October 2013

With autum, The Hight Priestess opens to us the doors of our emotions, desires, and needs in October. The answers we’re looking for will not be found in external sources but in our inner self. It will be essential to dedicate time for reflection, silence and meditation with the purpose of discovering, developing, and expressing our true nature. Let’s tell our loved ones how much we love them, but more than knowing it, they must feel it because that knowing does not come from the mind, but the heart. Nothing will show it better than our actions, no matter how small. Romances flourish and the seeds of our dreams are planted which can manifest in pregnancies or in planning big endeavors. Ideas ignited by the fire of initiative get alive with the waters of emotion to then manifest with actions in our reality. Let’s focus on those projects that are meaningful to us, that we’re passionate about, and that express our selves and our feelings. Let’s start those creative ideas that originate from our inspiration and intuition. That is our inner fire expressing itself. Let’s let it shine and let ourselves be happy. Let’s accept our true selves with its dark side and its bright side. There is the key t wisdom, good judgement and creative capacity. Remember that life is a cycle and we must reconnect with the feminine energy that this month opens the doors to darkness, mystery, and transformation. Continue reading

Tarot Horoscope: August 2013


In August we’ll live imminent changes as a result from our efforts, hard work, and actions. Those weak and unstable situations struggling to survive finally crumble leaving space to build upon new, solid foundations. For some, this will be the scariest moment; for others, the time they’ve been waiting for. It all depends on how much are we holding on to our past, the familiar, and our willingness to change. New ventures and businesses start on firm ground; weak ones, close down. Good work receives recognition. Lies are discovered. Truth comes out to the light. New, strong alliances are initiated; the false ones separate. Money runs. Either power is gained or everything is lost. A new life begins. This is a special month for processes of transformation and healing. The path from darkness to light, from fear to confidence, from deceit to truth, from death to life has begun.

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Tarot Horoscope: June 2013

We will see that many things are beyond our hands and out of our control. When the Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect is at work, it is hard to follow its trace. This will be an important month to study and learn, to enter the world of wisdom and knowledge. We will be interested in the occult and mystery. Secrets are revealed and the order of the world continues its uninterrupted evolution and movement. The changes of June are fruit of our actions. A cycle is complete and reaches its climax by harvesting what we planted.

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 25: Truth revealed

Transformations in the law, higher education, and world view will be indicated by the eclipse. The power game is defeated with knowledge. This lunar eclipse occurs in the North Node in Scorpio at 4°08′ of Sagittarius with the Moon in Sagittarius. The eclipse calls for constructive change, self-discipline, and awareness of others desires, wants, motives, and needs. Continue reading

Annular Solar Eclipse on May 9-10: Your True Nature

Each of us will experience an urge to let go of everything that we believed was giving us a strong foundation under our feet but, in fact, was taking us away from our true nature and our true purpose. Eclipses always remind us of our life mission and give us a chance to connect to our true path. This time, we are called to be our true selves. Be yourself shamelessly. Be your true self and OWN IT. Continue reading

Tarot Horoscope: May 2013

This will be a month of sacrifices, lots of work, and little support. We will have a vision or idea that few will understand. The time of difficulties and struggle will help us see things with a new perspective. We will make big changes to untie those things that limit and imprison us. The Hanged Man arcana is also known as the Enlightened, so we will experience enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth. We will leave the world of illusion and will see the reality that very few know.

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Lunar Horoscope: March 2013

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Predictions 2013

There is no truce in 2013. It is a year to take charge of our lives and build our own destiny. We pull up our sleeves and work hard to make our dreams come true. The time to dream is over. It’s time to make it happen. Only through effort, discipline and hard work we’ll be able to achieve what we want. The results will be in proportion with the effort we put to fight for our desires. Leadership, managing people towards a common goal, and the control of our emotions to avoid them to control ourselves will be important skills to learn and develop this year. We must judge fairly, sensibly, and reasonably which projects and relationships are worth of our time and effort. We must eliminate what doesn’t work and keep what does, what is useful and productive. If we don’t take action and wait for others to solve our problems, we won’t accomplish anything. Many will move to a foreign country or fly away from the nest to conquer new horizons without forgetting their roots. Any business ventures that guarantee a positive impact in society will be favorable, earning recognition and positive reputation. Those who use their authority wisely and sensibly will influence and reconfirm their social position. Those who abuse of their power will loose thier position publicly, damaging irreversibly their reputation and image. We will be under the public eye constantly. We will have a unique opportunity to show what we’re made of by overcoming both our own expectations and others’. It is in our hands to make of 2013 a productive and unforgettable year. We have in our hands the key that opens all the doors and time is on our side. Let’s not waste this chance to trace our own path and the path to the world that we want to create.

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