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Numbers rule the universe“. — Pythagoras

600px-de_occulta_philosophia_-_proportionen_des_menschen_und_ihre_geheimen_zahlenNumerology is a divinatory art used for centuries based on the teachings of Pythagoras. The father of mathematics believed that every word or name vibrates to a number and every number has its inner meaning. Pythagoras was also a mystic and a philosopher who was convinced that “all things are numbers”, that numbers represent universal principles and that their cycles can be calculated, measured, and predicted.

Numerological Reports and predictions are based on a person’s full name and date of birth, describing abilities, characteristics and events. It is very valuable as a tool to give a name to a child, a business, or product since the underlying universal vibrations carried by such name can indicate a lot about the destiny of the name-bearer. A numerology consultation cannot only provide insight into your own personal discovery and growth, but also empower you to inject an intended vibration to something or someone you give a name or number. A consultation includes a Numerology Report and an audio recording (mp3) of the session.

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