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“Know thyself… and thou shalt know the gods”. — Temple of Luxor, Egypt

Divination — from the Latin divinare, which literally means “to be inspired by a god” — draws a message from the divine. Divination is popularly used to foretell the future, but it is also used to understand the present, the past, and oneself. This practice has existed in every culture since Neolithic times in an attempt to understand what cannot be explained by ordinary means. Getting to know your possibilities and your nature you can direct yourself with determination to the destiny of your choice.

Consultations are by appointment only. You can request an appointment for astrology, Tarot, numerology or I-Ching or a combination of two or more divinatory arts. To make an appointment you can:

  1. Press the yellow button (Book Now) to the right of the screen and follow the instructions.
  2. Write an e-mail on the Contact page.

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