Worldwide Womb Blessing: October 19, 2013

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Reserve your space now:

The Womb Blessing is for all women, whatever their age, and whether or not they have a menstrual cycle or a womb, because we all embody the energies of authentic femininity.

The Womb Blessing is a gift that…

  • Awakens our female energies, bringing joy and a freer expression of who we are.
  • Brings profound and transformational healing to all aspects of our femininity.
  • Creates with each Blessing a deepening awareness of the beauty, strength and gifts of our authentic female nature.
  • Connects us more deeply to the mystery that is the Divine Feminine

What to bring:

  1. Photos or objects that represent your mother and grandmothers
  2. A beach towel or chair and comfortable clothes
  3. Wine or preferred drink to share

A note from Miranda Gray:

The Womb Blessing began in 2012 when I sent my first, original invitation email to just 20 women. Now, only a short year later, the Womb Blessing family has grown to over 57,000 women –  women who meditate solo, women who meditate with a friend or partner, women who meet in groups as large as 200, or who connect across the Atlantic through web-conferencing software and Skype.

We are a wonderful, beautiful and creative family of women supporting women.

Each Womb Blessing has an additional healing focus accessed through extra meditations shared on the worldwide Womb Blessing site. In the coming October Blessing, the focus will be on healing our female line back into the ancient past.

The Womb Blessing is something that you take part in as often as you like, but for many women it has become a powerful and wondrous path of self-discovery, love and transformation.

I hope you will join us in October and pass this invitation on to more and more women in any way you can.

If we all take one small step of sharing, one small action from the heart, we have the power to bring change to the world.

Love and hugs,


Miranda Gray

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