Energy clearings

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bigstockphoto_Native_American_Blessing_1402563Energy clearings are traditionally used by different cultures to purify and/or bless people, things, or places. Usually, a ceremony takes place with one or more of the four elements — fire, air, water, or earth — with a prayer. Each ceremony is specific to the need of the querent, thing or place to be cleansed and consecrated. This is a very intuitive process. Sometimes, a divine message may come up. Ideally, an energy clearing takes place once a month. An energy clearing for a person is about 30 minutes long, depending on the person’s energy conditions. An energy clearing for a place is about 30 minutes long, depending on the energy and size of the place.

Energy clearings for a person are appropriate when:

  • experiencing stress, anxiety, uneasiness, depression, sickness, or lack of energy
  • going through life changes, whether starting something new or closing a chapter in life, like starting a new job, moving to a new city, getting married, having a baby, starting your own business
  • setting new intentions, making big decisions
  • leaving things, people or situations behind that no longer serve you like quitting your job, moving to a new city, breaking up a relationship, or quitting an addiction
  • on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, your birthday or anniversary

Energy clearings for places are appropriate when:

  • moving into a new home
  • opening a new business or office
  • selling a property
  • feeling too tired, charged, uneasy, or anxious at home or workplace
  • you and others at home or at your workplace get sick often
  • mysterious/abnormal things happening too often, for example: electrical appliances turning on or off by themselves or stop working too often, waking up at night feeling an eerie presence, doors that open and close on their own, etc.
  • on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, your birthday or anniversary
  • before and after an event, party or reunion


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