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xq1yobchvtIntellectual Property

The written content of this website is the intellectual property of Laura Kryshtar, unless otherwise indicated. The total or partial reproduction of any material in this website, included but not limited to, internet, radio, television, film, theater, newspapers, magazines, and / or academic forums without the previous written authorization of its author is considered plagiarism and attempts against the laws that protects it.

The owner and author of this website is not responsible for the comments expressed by third parties in this website. The comments in this website are full responsibility of the individuals that expressed them.

The information at this site is for entertainment purposes only. By utilizing and accessing Laura Kryshtar’s website and/or requesting and/or receiving any services, products, information or advice from Laura Kryshtar, you agree to release Laura Kryshtar from any and all liability with regard to the contents of this site and / or advice received. You take full responsibility for any decisions and actions you make and the consequences of those decisions and actions related to  information provided within this site, or through a service and / or product.

h07qq5zx7sAstrology and Forecasting

Astrological reports, readings and forecasts by Laura Kryshtar and the advice and opinions offered, either written, verbal, via telephone, email or personal consultation are calculated using an accurate software system (PaintAstroQ2) and are based on the accuracy of birth data provided and individual interpretation, which can differ from other astrologers and/or fortunetellers. Information, forecasts, predictions and trends provided by Laura Kryshtar should be taken strictly as guidelines and suggestions. The advice given on the website and/or by Laura Kryshtar is done in good faith for the benefit of the readers and any information provided may not be taken as a guarantee or a commitment but a suggestion.

Laura Kryshtar in no way suggests infallibility where forecasts are concerned and therefore rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decision you make. Divination and astrology are not an absolute and accredited science and are subject to individual interpretation. Advice received via Laura Kryshtar website and/or services should not be completely relied upon for personal, medical, legal or financial decisions and you should also consult an appropriate professional for specific advice tailored to your situation. The information, services and products offered are not by any means a substitute neither for professional financial, legal and/or medical advice nor medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

Persons under 18 years of age must receive the consent of a parent or legal guardian if they wish to purchase a divination or astrological consultation.

If for any reason, astrology, esoterica and / or metaphysics of any kind are illegal in your locality, by accessing this site and/or by receiving astrological information and the associated services or products from Laura Kryshtar and laurakryshtar.com, you agree that you do so of your own free will and that you will not hold Laura Kryshtar culpable or responsible in any way for any legal ramifications which you might incur as a result.

d5d3b74933Privacy Policy

All information provided to Laura Kryshtar is held in strict confidentiality. Laura Kryshtar guarantees that she shall not use the private or confidential data for any purpose other than for the communication of the predictions and astrological, horoscope charts or any other divination reading as requested by you. Laura Kryshtar will not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass any private or confidential information on to any third parties without your express written consent unless required by law enforcement agencies, regulation or court order.

This website contains links to other websites. Laura Kryshtar is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

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