2015 Forecast


You have the chance in 2015 to break any behavioral pattern that destroys, limits, or enslaves you. You will identify which things, situations, or relationships prevent your progress and growth and you’ll take action. To be free, it is necessary to be humble, take off the mask of ego, and take a good look at the mirror. You must detach emotionally from yourself and take an objective look at everything around you. Having a different perspective will let you see clearly what is it that needs to change. You must take responsibility for your actions, since these situations have been created and allowed by yourself. Leaving behind old wounds is part of the process and most of the time you’ll be able to come to closure through forgiveness. Probably, unresolved situations or relationships from the past come back to show you those old patterns that need to be eliminated. Faith grows. You’ll have a new vision and idea about your life’s new direction. Any innovative, revolutionary and avant-garde idea has now the chance to take off. It’s time to do what you always wanted but never dared to. The approval of others is not so much of your interest anymore, but your self-approval is. Things move slowly but steady if you’re conscious about the transformational process you’re in. You must be willing to make some sacrifices. Be patient. These experiences happen to be more compassionate and accepting with yourself and others. If you do your part, you’ll be able to access the love and wisdom that lie within and express them freely. Acknowledge your priorities and commitments so you can act with integrity and honesty. It is then when you discover your light and share it with the world. Continue reading

2014 Forecast

How we execute the plans of projects of the previous year will be judged in 2014. It will be important, both in love and in business, to do everything by agreement. Clear and concise communication, as well as logic and strategic ideas will lead the way to success. We’ll need to learn to express ourselves and to listen. A balanced life will be our goal. We cannot neglect our job, our business, our health nor our relationships. We must cross the T’s, pay attention to detail and do things out of goodwill. In the same way, any relationship that lacks agreements or reliable data will confront difficulties or break ups. The occult comes out to the light and the Divine Justice shows her face. Contracts, associations, marriages, sales or purchase of assets, new businesses, as well as cases in court, bankruptcies, divorce and public demise will be common. The King of Justice uses his sword to praise a good citizen or hero and make him a Knight of the Court or to cut the head off a traitor or enemy. Therefore, some will go up to fame, will be celebrated and exalted. Others will fall from their pedestal, will lose their privileged position and their credibility. Let’s act with rectitude respecting the rules and the laws by having all of our legal documents in order. Let’s use this year to put in order and practice our goals. Let’s not be afraid to go out and conquer new horizons and new dreams. If we do so with honesty and integrity, there’s nothing to lose. We will be rewarded or punished according to our behavior. Actions say more than words. Continue reading

Predictions 2013

There is no truce in 2013. It is a year to take charge of our lives and build our own destiny. We pull up our sleeves and work hard to make our dreams come true. The time to dream is over. It’s time to make it happen. Only through effort, discipline and hard work we’ll be able to achieve what we want. The results will be in proportion with the effort we put to fight for our desires. Leadership, managing people towards a common goal, and the control of our emotions to avoid them to control ourselves will be important skills to learn and develop this year. We must judge fairly, sensibly, and reasonably which projects and relationships are worth of our time and effort. We must eliminate what doesn’t work and keep what does, what is useful and productive. If we don’t take action and wait for others to solve our problems, we won’t accomplish anything. Many will move to a foreign country or fly away from the nest to conquer new horizons without forgetting their roots. Any business ventures that guarantee a positive impact in society will be favorable, earning recognition and positive reputation. Those who use their authority wisely and sensibly will influence and reconfirm their social position. Those who abuse of their power will loose thier position publicly, damaging irreversibly their reputation and image. We will be under the public eye constantly. We will have a unique opportunity to show what we’re made of by overcoming both our own expectations and others’. It is in our hands to make of 2013 a productive and unforgettable year. We have in our hands the key that opens all the doors and time is on our side. Let’s not waste this chance to trace our own path and the path to the world that we want to create.

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