9 Lessons You Could Learn From a Wolf

You are protected at all times. Trust that! The physical, emotional, and psychic barriers that you have erected to protect yourself from past hurts and woulds are simply no longer needed. You’ve moved beyond your need for the illusion of safety that these habitual defenses have provided. It’s time to trust that Spirit is always available to aid in your protection when you really need it. Continue reading

Good or bad omen?: A bird’s message for Bernie Sanders

A sparrow’s visit to Bernie Sanders in the middle of a rally in Portland, Oregon has become one of the most famous omens in recent political history. What’s interesting about this is that Bernie Sanders and his followers recognized the bird as an omen or augury. Since prehistoric times people looked at symbols in nature as divine messages. Precisely, the word “augury” comes from the Latin word augurium, which means “an indication of the future; omen; sign”. It can be positive or negative. An augur was a priest who practiced divination in Ancient Rome. The augurs constituted one of the four main colleges of priests and were consulted by political leaders. This was an official and lifetime position. One of the most used divination methods used by augurs was the auspicium or the observation of the flight of the birds. Continue reading

World Water Day

Every year, the World Water Day is celebrated on March 22. In divination, water represents feelings, emotions, and the subconscious. In Tarot, the Cups, which corresponds to Hearts in playing cards, represent the element of water. In astrology, the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces belong to the element of water. Continue reading

Beware the Ides of March!

According to Plutarch, a soothsayer had warned that harm would come to Caesar no later than the Ides of March, the festivities for the new Roman year which started on March 15. On his way to the Theatre of Pompey, where he would be assassinated, Caesar passed the seer and joked, “The ides of March have come,” meaning to say that the prophecy had not been fulfilled, to which the seer replied “Aye, Caesar; but not gone.” Continue reading