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Photo by Dmitry Kraskovsky

Photo by Dmitry Kraskovsky

Former architectural designer Laura Kryshtar is now helping people understand the blueprint of their lives and align with their life purpose. Since 2004, she has been reading Tarot cards and graduated in 2009 from astrologer María Patricia Ramírez‘s Escuela de Astrología Plenitud in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, she was also instructed in Numerology, Tarot, I-Ching and metaphysics. Furthermore, in 2012, she completed a series of courses in Medical Astrology taught by astrologer Steve Dahmus in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Laura Kryshtar has worked for astrologer Walter Mercado’s psychic line, Shanti Ananda, and regularly published her horoscopes at, being the most popular posts on the website. She writes her Tarot Horoscope and Lunar Horoscope monthly.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture II from Syracuse University’s Program in Florence, Italy. She speaks Spanish, English, and Italian. She has her private consultancy in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she offers readings, energy clearings, and workshops.


“Let him be educated, skillful with the pencil, instructed in geometry, know much history, have followed the philosophers with attention, understand music, have some knowledge of medicine, know the opinions of the jurists, and be acquainted with astronomy and the theory of the heavens”. – Ten Books of Architecture, Book I, Chapter 1, The Education of the Architect by Vitruvius

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