Tarot Horoscope: September 2018

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Arcana of the Month: The Hanged Man

Interesting enough, the Arcana of the Month is The Hanged Man, since the Sun is in Virgo until September 23, the beginning of autumn. Virgo is known for its abilities to classify, analyze, and edit. She looks at what works and what doesn’t; how can she improve something in order for it to function appropriately. That’s why she pays lots of attention to details. When these traits are taken to an extreme, it can lead to obsessive-compulsive tendencies or perfectionism because she’s afraid of making mistakes. Nonetheless, it is a sign of humility, service, and work. It is through routines and disciplines that stability and success is achieved. It’s important to keep it in balance by not losing sight of the final destination, the purpose. Despite being a very practical sign, Virgo is also very spiritual.

The Hanged Man is an interesting Tarot card because it means that in order to find the answers you are seeking, you must see things and circumstances through a new lens, a new perspective. It also represents sacrifice and restrictions. Virgo is related to this arcana through a keyword: purification.

During the month of September, it will be crucial to innovate, think differently, find solutions where we usually don’t look for them, and eliminating old patterns and beliefs. The Hanged Man is the Tarot card of liberation because knowledge sets you free. Let’s look for unconventional ideas, new ways of thinking, and see life in an innovative way.

Even though sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve our desires, we must not forget what is it that leads us to freedom, to a better world.

On September 9, the New Moon is in Virgo. It is a perfect day to set intentions related to health and work. On September 24, the Full Moon is in Aries, when we’ll feel more active and enthusiastic for new beginning. Be careful not to do things at the last minute.


Specially in matters of your job and professional career and despite all obstacles, this month you must find a way to keep your discipline and hard work, as well as to be a leader in your projects. Your surroundings may be somewhat hostile, but remember it won’t be always like this. Don’t forget the plans and goals you set. You’ll be overhauled with responsibilities. Delegate. Ask for help. You must be aware that you should plan your time and resources strategically and intelligently. Don’t lose sight of your purpose.


September is a month to take action and risks in both matters of work and of love. In love, take some time to contemplate your future, your possibilities. Do the same with your career. Think about where would you like to be in three months or three years. It’s very likely that the road of love and work leads you to short travels, to move nearby, or to relate with foreigners. A time of reflection and silence will be necessary. Take a chance to start from a clean slate this month. This is the perfect time to contemplate what it is you want for yourself and be ready to take those risks because it is the only way to reach your dreams and happiness. 


This month will be somewhat difficult because some worrying situations will make you feel desolate and powerless. This is related to a long trip, a change of employment, or moving to a new city. An important cycle in your life comes to an end successfully but you’re terrified because you don’t know what the next step is. While you hold on to your worries, you won’t be able to dream and make decisions. September will be a transformative month for you. If you want to cry, do so. But dry your tears because you’ll see the answers right in front of you. They have always been there. Things are not as bad as you think. Take some time to cultivate your spirituality and strengthen your inner self.


In September, you’ll have many reasons to celebrate but, because of responsibilities and work, you won’t be able to spend much time with your loved ones. Nonetheless, this won’t last for long. Regarding creative projects, this is the moment when the seed that you planted before blooms to mark a new beginning. It is very important to achieve harmony this month in all aspects of your life. This will be a beautiful September. Enjoy to the fullest all reunions and encounters to celebrate love. You’ll be attracted to children.


Your health and finances become a priority in September. You always look for financial stability. Some projects that would produce money must wait, but it will happen later, thanks to a change of circumstances. It is then when you can reap the fruit of your labor. In matters of health, you may not see yet the changes you expected, but you’re in the right path. Keep going!


You’ll feel more stable in your job and professional career. September is the perfect time to make decisions regarding the direction you want to take and which is the next step to reach. Use your instinct and spiritual knowledge. Continue those creative projects you are passionate about. You’ll find yourself at a crossroads and some decisions must be made. In matters of love, if you have a partner, it’s important to have a conversation about future plans together. This month you should analyze what is it that you want.


You’ll be working a lot in September and you’ll feel quite tired, but it is a promising month, nonetheless. First, you’ll notice some cycles or old issues making a comeback, but at the same time, a new door opens to take a look at a new life. September will bring the opportunity of new endeavors and new beginnings. Take a leap of faith. You have more possibilities of succeeding than of failing.


September is a challenging month for you in matters of partnerships. Sometimes you are so overwhelmed with work that you lose your intimate connection with your partner, which makes him or her feel lonely. In matters of work, organization is crucial. You should not only prepare your agenda neatly, but you must also follow your plans. If you feel a lack of money, keep in mind that it will come in the near future. Be conservative with your spending. This is the month to plant a seed, prepare, and build. You’ll reap later on.


You may suffer sorrows or disappointments in September. Simultaneously, there will be many reasons to celebrate this month in matters of career, home, and partnerships. This month you should focus on yourself, your spirituality, and finding your inner star. Rely on yourself. The moments of solitude and introspection are invaluable.


You’ll be working on very productive projects in September. You’ll have plenty of joyful moments full of good luck. Keep a strict discipline in matters of health. Regarding all sorts of stability you’re seeking, you’ll be able to see clearly what can you do this month to get the necessary resources and achieve your goals.


September is your month to shine bright. Enjoy life, take risks. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone fantastic. If you have a partner, you both shine together. This is the month for recognition, fame and fortune. You’ll stand out a lot in your job and career. Have the guts to achieve the impossible. You’ll feel very secure in your own skin. Enjoy with intensity. Let you inner child go outside and play.


In September, you’ll be worried about family matters or the home. It is possible you’ll be contemplating moving to a new house or a new job. This can be quite overwhelming because you’re not quite sure which road to pick. First, you must take the veil off your eyes. In reality, you feel your hands are tied, but it’s only your perception. You’ll choose to move on because you must leave behind certain chains. Be aware that all the people who loves you support you in your decisions. You’re not alone. Trust any new changes. Surround yourself with your loved ones.

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