Tarot Horoscope: September 2018

Interesting enough, the Arcana of the Month is The Hanged Man, since the Sun is in Virgo until September 23, the beginning of autumn. Virgo is known for its abilities to classify, analyze, and edit. She looks at what works and what doesn’t; how can she improve something in order for it to function appropriately. That’s why she pays lots of attention to details. When these traits are taken to an extreme, it can lead to obsessive-compulsive tendencies or perfectionism because she’s afraid of making mistakes. Nonetheless, it is a sign of humility, service, and work. It is through routines and disciplines that stability and success is achieved. It’s important to keep it in balance by not losing sight of the final destination, the purpose. Despite being a very practical sign, Virgo is also very spiritual.

The Hanged Man is an interesting Tarot card because it means that in order to find the answers you are seeking, you must see things and circumstances through a new lens, a new perspective. It also represents sacrifice and restrictions. Virgo is related to this arcana through a keyword: purification.

During the month of September, it will be crucial to innovate, think differently, find solutions where we usually don’t look for them, and eliminating old patterns and beliefs. The Hanged Man is the Tarot card of liberation because knowledge sets you free. Let’s look for unconventional ideas, new ways of thinking, and see life in an innovative way.

Even though sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve our desires, we must not forget what is it that leads us to freedom, to a better world.

On September 9, the New Moon is in Virgo. It is a perfect day to set intentions related to health and work. On September 24, the Full Moon is in Aries, when we’ll feel more active and enthusiastic for new beginning. Be careful not to do things at the last minute. Continue reading