Tarot Horoscope: August 2018

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The Emperor

The Emperor is the yan or the masculine side of The Empress, the arcana of the month of July. It is the conqueror, the one who expands horizons. Likewise, it is the ruler of an arid and hostile land full of challenges.

The Emperor is a card ruled by Capricorn. This is the zodiac archetype that talks about reaching our goals, our professional career, and how to face challenges without letting fears stop us.

During the month of August, we must not only set goals but we will work hard, with a lot of discipline and effort towards them. These goals may be related to our profession or to a relationship that we want to develop, but, above all, it has to do with our life purpose.

Capricorn rules the highest point of our natal chart. It is a sign of earth and is what allows us to materialize our dreams, ideas and desires.

This month is ideal to be practical and to work very hard. We have to bear in mind that in August we have an eclipse on the 11th and that we are still going to have Mercury Retrograde. Therefore, particularly in this first half of the month we will be reviewing our plans. It is a moment to reflect and review those aspects that perhaps have not been working out and we have to reconsider them. Perhaps, we must change the plans, maintaining the goals, especially with issues related to creative projects and romance.

We will be thinking about how our talents and interests can serve us to shine and promote those projects that we are working on and that we hope will be carried out successfully later on. In terms of relationships, we will reflect on who our true friends are.

During this month, there may be break-ups in relationships or we may experience an unbalance wherever we are standing. The essential thing to avoid acting impulsively and to know that matters are not going to move with the speed that we want.

The solar eclipse of August 11 in the sign of Leo speaks of our conscious side and how we express and project ourselves to others. Leo expresses joy and fun, but it will shake us if we are not expressing our authenticity creatively. This eclipse is going to bring down things that gave us a false sense of stability and that in turn prevented us from being ourselves.


During this month you might feel like you hit rock bottom, especially in issues related to your protectors. You will notice a change. If someone protected you, now you will protect that person. About work, you will rethink about your salary and benefits. If you have your own business, you will reflect on how to manage relationships with your clients so that you can update the money you receive for your service. Also, investments and issues with banks will be important.

Do not be afraid. Although it seems that you are going through a very difficult time, in reality, doors will open for abundance, joy and improvement in relationships. It is a month to open up to love. If you are in a relationship, it is important that you converse and listen to each other to strengthen your bond. Conversations about having children or a creative project that requires the participation of both will take place.


During the month of August, you should carefully review your documents, especially if you are considering to buy a house or moving. This is the month to plan things well and get legal advice. Do not make decisions in a rush.

You might experience some loss, particularly in relationships, but remember that all is not lost. Do not let that pain stop you. Feel it, let it go, and go on because what you will get what you are looking for.


In August you might face matters of travel, or moving to a new home or business location, or closures of important cycles in your life in which you have understood the lessons that helped you to grow. This month is auspicious to develop your economic stability. In addition, you will develop a relationship with an important man in your life: father, partner, boss. This is tied to your emotional and economic stability, and how you use your resources to make that relationship more stable.

This month you should rethink your plans and goals, but this is not yet the time to make drastic decisions. You must be very analytical.


Beware of excesses. This is the month to put an end to attachments, such as a bad habit, a toxic relationship, or a limiting belief. Until now, fear has been greater than the desire to be free. If you break those chains, success and recognitions will come. This will help you to feel in harmony with yourself and the universe. Opportunities will arise; evaluate them well.


August will be a very good month. Teamwork will be crucial, especially in creative projects. It will be important for each and every one to determine their work and promote respect amongst everyone, their talents, and positions for the success of the project. You must have a clear plan that can be reviewed.

You will receive good news about creative projects, a partner, or love interest. About the latter, you may be deciding to live together, formalize the relationship, or make new commitments. Important agreements are achieved, especially at the end of the month.


You will notice that very good opportunities will arise regarding work and career. There is a professional relationship between a co-worker or boss with whom you might end up working on long-term projects en the near future.

Use this month to take action, to let yourself be seen and begin new projects. There may even be short trips. The important thing is that you clarify your mind and do not cloud it with your worries or your pessimism.

This month is favorable to achieve greater stability in work matters. In matters of love, it is a good time to meet new people. Your attraction is in full power.


August is the month for you to take risks in matters of love and creative projects. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, because it leads you to new paths that you would not otherwise recognize. It is a good month to reconnect with close friends, to share and have fun.


It is a month to “disarm” your visible or invisible enemies. Sometimes those enemies are the voices from within, something that sabotages you or limits you. It is possible that you have people around you that which represents obstacles, but you will be able to overcome them. Once you achieve this, you will feel relief, but also pain. However, the picture clears. Great changes are generated, especially in regards to career goals.

It is also the month to know who you want to work with and who your partners are, and to rethink how to reach your new goals. You will not start from scratch, but you will continue to build on a very solid foundation. You will develop it further.


August for you is going to be somewhat heavy because it comes with strong shakes; something unexpected that collapses your sense of stability. You will feel exhausted and must defend your territory. There are projects that will begin very fast and it will be difficult for you to keep up with them. Even if you have a lot of work, you will not see financial compensation or result at this time.

You must learn to manage your economic resources. Fatigue can bring you emotional instability. In matters of business or love partners, something shakes them, but to achieve what you both want, you will have to work hard together. If you set and focus on your purpose, you will achieve it.


In August, unexpected opportunities will arise. This is the month to pay debts or, to receive something someone owed you. Someone from the past with whom you have an unfinished business will return. You both need to take responsibility and express what you feels. By addressing this matter with that person — or people —, you will be able to heal old wounds. Take that risk. See how you can solve that painful situation of the past that needs closure.


August will place you at a crossroads. In matters of work, you need to organize yourself very well. You will have a lot of work this month. Recognizing what the priorities are and working as a team you will be key to achieve your goals successfully. You must learn to delegate.

In matters of love, you should discuss how to manage your time and take action so that the relationship does not suffer the consequences or side effects of work duties and projects.


This will be a month of transition. Issues such as moving to a new home or changing workplaces had been left for later. Even though it’s something that has been postponed, it is necessary. Take the initiative. You have all the tools to succeed. Use your intuition in your favor. It is time to creatively develop the projects you have started.

Everything will be fine as long as you focus on your final goal and stay on the main path. You must be willing to face obstacles or unforeseen challenges. This next year and a half will be crucial for the development of long-term projects.

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