The Four Best and Worst Presents

I never imagined when my best friend gave me a watch as a present for being her maid of honor at her wedding that our friendship would disappear like Houdini. We didn’t have a fight nor were mad at each other, we simply lost contact. I learned later that gifts represent a subconscious desire that can change the destiny of the relationship between the person who gives the present and the person who receives it. To strengthen your bonds of love and you don’t experience the same as I did, here are these tips to gift this Christmas.

The Four Best Presents

Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

Flowers and perfumes. The fragrance attracts pleasant memories and gives the recipient the power of attraction, abundance, and love.


Champagne and liquor. Wine and champagne are the drinks of celebration par excellence. They attract success and reasons to celebrate to the recipient.

Sweets. Chocolates, sweets, cookies, and cake attract the sweetness of life. Who doesn’t like some candy?

Clothing and jewelry. They symbolize protection from the giver to the recipient.


The Four Worst Presents and What To Do If You Receive One


Candles and soaps. They dissolve the relationship between the giver and the recipient. To avoid this, do not light the candles nor use the soaps. A good option would be to use them as decoration.

Watches. They put a deadline to the relationship and it ends later on. To counteract its effect, buy it. Give the person who gave you the watch a coin or a dollar in return.

Pens, letter openers, blades swords, scissors or anything sharp. Unconsciously, the giver is stabbing the recipient. If you receive it, you can buy it with a coin or a dollar to counteract its effect. That way, it’s not a gift anymore because you gave something in return.


Moons in works of art, figures, or clothing. It brings bad news to the recipient. If the moon is accompanied by a sun, it counteracts the negative effect of the moon. If you receive a moon, do not accept it under any circumstances. Explain that your beliefs do not allow you to receive the gift.


Giving is an expression of love and appreciation. If you receive a «better gift», be grateful and show your appreciation. If you give or receive a «worst gift», it is likely that there is an unresolved situation between you two. Maybe it’s time to call my old friend, give her a coin, and tell her how much I miss her.

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