Purification and protection ritual for Halloween

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This bath is a ritual to cleanse negative energies and serves as protection. It’s best when done on October 31 or on a New Moon.


Today is Halloween or Day of the Dead. It’s also a New Moon in Scorpio, an excellent moment to heal, purify, and transmute deep wounds or experiences that have marked your life. Here’s a ritual I like to call The Witch’s Bath.

This bath is a ritual to cleanse negative energy from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. At the end, the body is bathed with protection and abundance. For us witches and all kinds of healers, this is a powerful bath because we work with other people’s negative energy to transform it into a positive one. At the end of a long day of energy work with other people, a long day of stress, tiredness or challenging situations, this bath is ideal to purify and cleanse away any unharmonious energy of yourself or others that you may have absorbed. Then, you’re ready to impregnate new and energizing vibes and, at the same time, be protected by the divine power.

Foto/Photo: Jay Mantri

Foto/Photo: Jay Mantri


1 sandalwood or honey soap
Ruta (rue)
3 lemons cut in cross (4 pieces)
1 garlic clove
1 teaspoon of wheat flour 


  1. In a pot, make an infusion putting all ingredients in hot water until they release their substance. Do not boil, or you’ll ruin them.
  2. Enter the bathtub or shower and bathe as usual with a sandalwood or honey soap.
  3. Rinse the soap off thinking that everything negative is washing away.
  4. Pour the infusion from head to toe thinking of all the positive things that are entering your life now. While you do this, say this prayer:

“I am the Victorious Presence of the Almighty that now covers me with his brilliant cape of light that makes me and keeps me invisible and invincible to any human creation”.

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