Tarot Horoscope: October 2016

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0 El LocoWith discipline and hard work you have achieved your goals or the path towards them. October is a new beginning after many endings. No matter how difficult, painful, or drastic those past experiences have been, face your new beginnings with enthusiasm, joy, and hope. Don’t let the bitter moments of life to embitter you. Learn the lesson and keep going without forgetting what you learned. You’re at the threshold of a new life. You finally let go of attachments and unhealthy situations, things, or people. You now feel lighter, proud of the results of your sacrifices.

We are at the month of Libra until October 22, when the Sun enters Scorpio. Create a balance in your life, harmony within yourself. You must make amends with those things you don’t accept about yourself, those things you criticize and don’t forgive about yourself. This is the month to create new relationships and strengthen the ones you have. Go on a romantic date with your partner, go out with your best friends, go to social events. Relationships are a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. The exchange of ideas, expressing yourself and listening are a priority. This is the month for arts and beauty: visit museums and galleries, take an art class of the art form of your choice, redecorate your home, change your look with a new style. The idea is to surround yourself with those things that make you feel good and happy. After so many difficulties, the time of peace and harmony is finally here, but you can’t sleep in the laurels. You must keep the achieved discipline. There is no bigger satisfaction than leading yourself.

Once relationships are strengthened, when the Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, you’ll know with whom you can partner, with whom you can be vulnerable and intimate, with whom you can share your power both in love and in business. This is relevant in partnerships, sex, and finances. This is the moment to face your fears and you inner demons, to heal your deepest wounds and be reborn. At the end, you recover the joy of living.


You must work a lot this month, focus on the task in front of you and don’t give up. Little by little you’ll be doing those small things that get you closer to your goals. You must do something every single day. You’ll face both internal and external conflicts. There might be disagreements that can turn into unpleasant fights. The challenge is to be patient because you must wait to see the fruits of your labor, specially in issues of money and work. If you have been under a health treatment or therapy, don’t slip up or you can delay your healing process or go back to where you were. Magic word: PERSEVERANCE 

02 TAURUS.001


You must take the initiative in work matters. You lead an important project or team. Focus on creating ideas, keeping a constant progress and execute your tasks on time. You’ll have important meetings with knowledgeable people. Make sure your voice is heard. Each one will contribute with their expertise and will be able to synchronize in such a way that leads to a big achievement. Good relationships are crucial. Communicate openly and directly. Take care of all legal and oficial documents. Don’t hesitate to consult an attorney if it’s necessary. Agreements are achieved and contracts are signed. Face family matters or issues with a partner in the same way, with teamwork. Magic word: LEADERSHIP
03 GEMINI.001


You have achieved harmony in life and healed old wounds. Your purification process has allowed your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit to heal. This lets you begin a new life but not without revisiting situations from the past. It’s posible that you meet someone from your past, an old love or friend that you haven’t seen in a long time and with whom you have an unfinished matter. Or an old, unfinished matter resurfaces and now it’s a priority. Whichever is your case, this is the moment to put an end to that which was left incomplete. Speak from the heart and honestly, cross the t’s and dot the i’s. You’ll end cycles in victory. Travels, relating to foreigners, or getting off your usual social circle will open your eyes to new interest, goals, and horizons to explore. Magic word: CONCLUSION
04 CANCER.001


You have spent sometime alone to make important decisions but you still feel at crossroads. Whether you  have a significant other or not, you feel lonely and lacking connection. There is a feeling of emptiness that you don’t know how to fill. Whatever it was that you needed to find within you, you have found. Now you should nurture and develop it. Don’t isolate yourself. Go out and have fun with friends, let yourself play and smile. It’ll help remind you how many people loves, supports, and admires you. Celebrate life. Greatness is in the small things. Magic work: CONNECTION05 LEO.001


Pain, disappointment, and broken hearts are a thing of the past. If you want love and stability in you life, you must go out and get it yourself. It won’t come to you by itself on a silver platter. Make time to do things you enjoy. Share good times with your loved ones, your family and friends. The moment to decide to be the master of your destinies near. Whatever you do with discipline and hard work will be fruitful. You don’t have to sacrifice your feelings nor hold your emotions to achieve your goals. Take them into consideration, observe them and express yourself but don’t let emotions  dominate your life. A balance between mind and heart is well needed. Think as an adult and think of the consequences of your actions in the near and far future. Sometimes a hard decision must be made but you need to do what’s right. There is nothing more gratifying than being your own leader. Magic word: DETERMINATION06 VIRGO.001


October brings great beginnings in issues of work, profession, projects, spirituality, and sexuality. Changes begin in the next two weeks or two months but you must work on your fear of defeat. This fear comes from the last five weeks, five months, or five years and must be dealt with now to prevent it from sabotaging your new plans. The next five weeks or months are crucial to understand that this is an unfounded fear. It’s not clear yet how to manage your finances or create new sources of income but when you take a step towards your dreams, the answer is revealed right in front of you. The challenge is to prevent fear from stopping you. It’s by taking action that you step out of the vicious circle of doing nothing until fear goes away. Courageous people are not the ones who have no fear, but the ones who act despite of it. Work on your spiritual strength. Trust your inner light and your creative power. Magic word: COURAGE
07 LIBRA.001


A recent move or departure has been painful. Being away from your loved ones has made you feel sad. At the same time, the received invitations to social events, job offers or love proposals are not of your interest. You’d rather stay home alone. Take some time to heal but don’t be isolated. Use this time of reflection to set new goals, plan new trips or projects. Look for those people that feed your spirit, whether it’s in a spiritual discipline or practice, the arts in any of its forms, or a physical activity. Soon you’ll receive answers or news about your innermost questions as long as you let your inner light shine. Magic word: PASSION
08 SCORPIO.001


This is an excellent month to achieve tangible prosperity and abundance as long as you use your communication, healing, and inspirational skills. Now you can enjoy your achievements but you can still reach higher. What you feel within can be manifested in the outside world. This is something that must be well planned, so a smart, objective, and well-0rganized woman will be of great help. If you are a woman, maybe this is you. She must be the leader and work on her own in order for things to work perfectly. She’ll be taking care of legal and/or logistic matters, organizing your agenda, and help you achieve your goals. It might be difficult for you but, unless you are that person, you must surrender to her with all your heart and soul and delegate. In that way, you’ll be able to focus on what you’re better and most efficient: creating plans and alliances, and inspiring others. Your legacy and what you build for the future will depend on this. Magic word: OBJECTIVITY


From the top of your achievements, contemplate your conquered grounds and new horizons to be explored. There is a self-confidence you haven’t felt in a long time but now you focus on your new goals and future plans. You’re decided. You’ll begin to take that step you dreamt of a long time ago but didn’t have the courage to do it. Doubt will show up again and you’ll overanalyze many things. But it’s only that, doubt, a fear of failure that exists only in your mind. This is the great chance to launch yourself and let loose your creativity and communication skills, and to motivate others. Whether this is a personal or professional project, it’s destined for success. This not only brings abundance and achievements into your life, but also you enjoy the process. Teamwork is very important. The challenge is to position yourself in healthy alliances and relationships that lead you towards productive and inspiring results. Open up to love, joy, and new opportunities. Magic word: SHINE


You want to begin something new and now you’re ready, both in business and in love. Now you see your options and what you have to make it happen. This month you receive some money: a bonus, a raise, or earnings from investment. Use it wisely. Your health is in optimal shape. Enjoy those sensations you love: a delicious meal, an afternoon in nature, a pleasant company. It’s time to make important decisions. Think it through. There are suitors around you. If you’re not single, it’s time to reignite romance. This is a month to enjoy. Magic word: ABUNDANCE


October is full of opportunities and surprises. Creative and artistic projects rise. Go after love and do what you love. A loving man, partner or friend, brings a tempting business or love proposal. Contracts are signed, specially those that create big and solid alliances: marriage, partnerships, new businesses, etc. Relationships become official. This month favors buying or selling properties, moving to a new home, or remodeling your house. There are new members in the family. Pending matters in court will be resolved and you may receive money as a result. Magic word: PROSPERITY

12 PISCES.001


The world is round and goes around. In life, sometimes you’re at the top and sometimes you’re at the bottom. This time, the Universe rewards you with recognition and success. The battle is over and you can enjoy your triumph. Now it’s time to focus on your creative, artistic, and communication skills. You have learned that you can transform any situation whenever you want by using your innate gifts and talents. Recognize the fact that you have all the tools you need to succeed. New projects begin, specially those that are only yours and make you happy. Magic word: MAGIC

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