9 Lessons You Could Learn From a Wolf

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The Wolf's Code.001


“You are safe and protected at all times”

wolf power animal oracle cardsYou are protected at all times. Trust that! The physical, emotional, and psychic barriers that you have erected to protect yourself from past hurts and woulds are simply no longer needed. You’ve moved beyond your need for the illusion of safety that these habitual defenses have provided. It’s time to trust that Spirit is always available to aid in your protection when you really need it.

Relaxing these barriers, and knowing that they’re accessible if you really need them, leaves you open to love, both giving and receiving — especially to the ones you’re closest to. Don’t hold back, clutching to some obscure fear that others won’t love you back. Be outrageous in expressing your affection for those you love, and know that your family ultimately extends beyond any lines drawn by heredity, race, or species. All of us beings on this planet are family — whether human, animal, or plant — and the more you love, the more love finds you. Take good care!

Additional Associations:

Family; Loyalty; Friendship; Teacher

Source: Power Animal Oracle Cards Guidebook by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

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