Tarot Horoscope: July 2016

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04 El EmperadorTHE EMPEROR

July is the month to administrate well all the projects that were planned or started this year. Now they get form by refining details and how things are done based on experience. These experiences dictate the direction of those plans because now you know better which things work and which don’t. Whatever seemed to be erratic or out of control takes shape. Things need to be ordered, follow the rules and routines. Focusing on the final goal is crucial to be able to focus on today’s details.

New businesses move easier. It’s important to keep a clear vision and goals as much as deadlines to achieve those goals. Now you feel better prepared to face the twists and turns of the daily battles because your mind is clear.

This is also a month where relationships strengthen or become oficial, in business and in love. Maybe you found the perfect person to be your business partner or your spouse. Whichever is the case, you must be absolutely clear about what it is that you want and what you’re looking for so you can take the next step with conviction. This month you’re looking for a connection because you’ve been alone or feeling lonely for a while. To achieve this, you must not be afraid to show your sweet and noble side. You have noticed that your strong side establishes a protective barrier that scares everyone away, specially those you’d like to keep close and have shown to be worthy of it. Obviously, this is not something you do with everybody, but you must try it with those whom you’d like to attract. Give yourself the chance. You’ll be surprised.
04 The Emperor Arcanos Afirmaciones Dones Retos.001
01 ARIES.001ARIES  Finally everything that was delayed during this year begins to work as it should. This time, make sure to be yourself, to be true to your authenticity. Everything that is initiated or materialized now dictates the direction that you take for the next 12 months, specially in August, December, and April. Rest assured that those around you support. Another words, everything you’re working on now will not be temporary, but something long-lasting. In business or at work, don’t be afraid to carry on with your plans just as you imagine them from the beginning. You’ll have the support of your superiors and colleagues. In love, don’t be afraid to go to your romantic interest and make him or her a proposal, if you’re single. If you’re already in a relationship, you may want to begin something more serious, like getting married, having children, moving in or buying a home together. In other words, you’d like to make plans for the far future. Your sexuality is on fire but one night stands or ephemeral encounters may leave you unsatisfied. You’re looking for something long-lasting. Open your eyes. Keyword: COMMITMENT.  02 TAURUS.001

TAURUS You really need a wake-up call this month, specially because there are things you’re not seeing clearly because either you don’t want to or because they’re hiding something from you. Get rid of false expectations and false illusions. You get tangled in your pleasures and loose yourself. Thats your weakness. Are you eating too much? Are you in the middle of a love triangle? Are you depriving someone of what is rightfully theirs? July can send you a bill if you don’t do the right thing. Any legal matters or pending cases in court become a priority. Your instinct want to change jobs, move to a new home, end a relationship but running away is not the answer, it only moves the problem to a new place or situation. You must look within and discover what is it that your soul is looking for so you can go after it. But first, you must clean your house (literally or metaphorically), solve pending matters and pay your debts. Keyword: WAKE UP
03 GEMINI.001

GEMINI July brings you a bouquet of possibilities. You have achieved successfully a set of goals and now you notice how much you’ve grown and evolved. Take some time to rest and reflect upon your new set of goals. The first two weeks of July and until the month of August is the best time to go on a short vacation, travel and make important decisions in a peaceful environment. Make sure your new goals have deadlines. Taking charge of your destiny requires to have a balance between duty and pleasure. Otherwise, you derail from your purpose. Maybe you’d like to get a new job or change career, or if you want to remain in it, you might want to work in a different way. If you want to travel far away or move to a new home, it might happen in then next two to seven months. You might also want to redirect your home, whether it is redecorating or working on a family matter. Keyword: FOCUS.
04 CANCER.001

CANCER July is a very productive month for you, specially in matters of finances and health. You have learned to use your gifts to manifest in a tangible way what you want. You are committed to your routines, your health, and your healthy boundaries — you’re following your diet and exercise routine, you go to your doctor’s appointments, you follow your health treatments. You have discovered how to communicate in an effective way so you can execute your leadership roles successfully. You’re ready to harvest. Follow what has meaning and heart for you and you’ll earn money and prestige. It’s crucial that you’re organized and disciplined. Abundance is achieved as a result of uniting your knowledge with your loving nature in a creative way. Use your energy and vitality to do things step by step, paying attention to details. Trust your own truth and your authenticity. This month you are more attractive than ever. Keyword: DISCIPLINE.
05 LEO.001

LEO This month begins the process of transformation you needed to achieve the goals you set for yourself a while ago. If you haven’t achieved them yet, it’s because you’re attached to something that prevents you to. You must be clear on your priorities and commitments in order to negotiate. In July, it’s clear what is it that you want to make stable, solid, and tangible in your life. Only then, you’ll be ready to know what to work on, where to put all your efforts. Now you see clearly that there is an opportunity to resolve a conflict as long as you are willing to negotiate, which requires flexibility, an open mind, balance, and integrity. This process of the death of a painful situation or relationship is necessary for a successful solution. Sometimes it hurts to leave behind a relationship, a job, a place, habit, or situation, but if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to progress, grow, nor evolve. To not do it is to condemn yourself to live forever that which you want to put an end: suffering, disappointment, and stagnation. Keyword: LEAVE BEHIND.
06 VIRGO.001

VIRGO The most important thing you should tend to this month is your health. Increase your physical activity, modify your exercise routine or begin a new one. In July, you defend your healthy boundaries and your values, what you’re willing to negotiate and what you’re not. You must fight for what’s yours, that which you have built for yourself by yourself. In this process, you find your inner strength and know how to project it efficiently in the outer world. Now you tend pending matters from last January to bring them to a resolution or a tangible result. The source of your strength comes from a deep sense of love you feel for yourself and what you do. This is the time to empower yourself and others but without you being the sacrifice to pay. You are the boss. Creativity grows. Opportunities for income are the ones you create for yourself. Take care of what is yours. This is not the moment to take big risks but to find the perfect balance for your wellbeing in all aspects of your life. Keyword: HEALTH.
07 LIBRA.001

LIBRA After an achieved goal that brings you a sense of safety, stability, and joy, you must make important decisions this month. You must be objective and avoid emotions to step in the way. Even though the path to take is painful, it is the fair thing to do. Don’t be afraid to be just to yourself. This is a necessary step to begin a new and important cycle in your life. It is the risk you must take, the leap of faith towards something new. This can happen in many ways, like ending a relationship with a business partner or spouse, or quitting a job to start your own business. It’s not that where you are now is bad, but it is not the ideal situation to put all your efforts and achieve the vision you have for your future. Whatever it is that is risking your full freedom to work towards that vision must be left behind. Keyword: OBJECTIVITY.
08 SCORPIO.001

SCORPIO July is very important because it sets the base to manifest both your inner and outer success for the next year. Inner success mirrors your outer success and viceversa. It’s a balance of your personal and professional life, the relationship you have with others and with yourself. Obviously, it’s necessary to be very well organized and focused on your goal, be disciplined, and do things step by step. You should also be open to unexpected opportunities. Follow your heart and that which has meaning to you. Be loyal to yourself and to your truth. Remember that the magic of communication depends not only on the content, but also on how and when that content is expressed. And finally, more important than putting all your energy into one thing, that energy must be constant and consistent. You must spread it well amongst all your matters, both personal and professional, to keep a balanced life. You must work an a huge hinder you have, which is that you judge and beat up yourself ruthlessly. There are things you don’t accept nor forgive about yourself. That’s your biggest obstacle. You are your worst enemy. This depends on nobody but you. Evaluate your motivations, your attachment to power and recognition. Would you do all those things you do or want to do even though no one would know it was you and no one would thank you for it? Once you overcome your personal conflict, the doors to success open up completely. Keyword: ABUNDANCE.

SAGITARIO You’ve been waiting for your success, to achieve those goals you set months or years ago, but you feel that your creativity or the way you work on your projects and plans is limited. You are the epitome of freedom and therefore, limiting how you work is limiting your success or your failure. This makes you fear failure and success because you feel like you don’t know how to deal with none of them. If you fail, you feel shame. If you succeed, you feel you don’t deserve it and it will end sooner or later. It’s as if you know from the very first day that everything is destined to fail. Right now, you feel as if your love life and your finances are a fiasco. But you also realize that keeping this attitude of destining yourself in failure without even getting started must change if you want to change the results. You must end with that attitude if you want to make better decisions and be motivated to fight for dreams. How do you really know if something will work out or not? This month, listen to and rescue your inner fire. Let your imagination and creativity unravel. You create your own limits. This is a chance to grow, expand, and transform through the creative process. If you notice you’re “channeling information” or you’re working for long hours on a project but don’t notice how long it’s been, you’re letting the creative energy flow. New opportunities to travel, for work, creative projects, and romantic interests appear. Keyword: CONFIDENCE.10 CAPRICORN

CAPRICORN This month you go on a journey that awakens old sorrows. This can be a physical trip or a spiritual journey, but it’s a necessary one. Use this time of being away to analyze what is your net goal. When you look back, you’ll realize you have achieved many more things than you thought. Feel secure and in control because you are. For the next two months, you’ll move on a different direction. This is a time to appreciate and value the love of your family. July offers the opportunity to strengthen ties in love with someone special. It’s a relationship in which both of you are equals, but special at the same time. You not only nurture and take care of each other, but you heal old wounds through this experience. Finally, you love openly and let yourself be loved the same way. You will want to make important decisions professionally and personally in order to make way to the love of your life. Keyword: TO LOVE

ACUARIO This month you realize which are the behavior patterns that you must eliminate from your life. Now you can see everything with a new point of view because the circumstances of your life have changed, which lets you understand many things that you were not aware of before. Now you can achieve things in a tangible way. This means opportunities to improve your income and your health. Anything related to creative or artistic projects are favored during this time. You’ll attract more work, more opportunities, and more inspiration. The biggest change occurs within. You have worked on your self-knowledge, to get to know where you succeed and where you fail. You acknowledge your virtues and your flaws and work on them in order to achieve your dreams. Now that you’re sacrificing a lot, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You realize how your change in attitude and behavior changes the result of those things you put so much effort and time into. You develop an inner knowing that makes you more attractive in business, in relationships and in spirituality. Awakening from your dark side to transform and actualize yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. Keyword: SELF-KNOWLEDGE.
12 PISCES.001

PISCES The chance of your life is here in July. From now on and for the next 18 months, your confidence grows and shines like never before. You’ll be recognized for your projects, services, and achievements. Go and innovate, develop your creative ideas, specially if they’re about a universal or global subject, or if they have an impact on humanity. Get together with people with whom you share the same vision. Your emotional stability and self-love strengthen. Open up to love, love yourself, love others, and let others love you. Listen to your heart. It’s full of new ideas. Many unexpected financial and creative opportunities arrive and you have the right attitude to improve your present situation. Be flexible to open the door and consider them. The only thing that can prevent you from achieving the abundance you’re looking for are your stubborn opinions, your bad habits, and your unwillingness to listen. Keyword: SHINE.

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