Full Moon in Scorpio: Horoscope for April 22 – May 6

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08 Full Moon in ScorpioThe last time there was a New Moon in Taurus was on May 17, 2015. During that time, you began to leave behind those things that made you feel comfortable and fulfilled your needs but was not taking the other into account. And since Taurus is a fixed sign — better known as stubborn — and an Earth sign, it is more difficult to let go and change. Just as the Sabian Symbol describes at the end of this post, this is a moment to live and work in community for the common good. That’s what this Full Moon in Scorpio is about and its effects last until the next Full Moon in Taurus, on May 6. With this Full Moon you realize that in order to overcome obstacles and conquer that obscure territory in front of you, you must join forces with others that have the same goal and motivations as you do. This are alliances of power, complementary relationships — one has what the other lacks — and create a powerful mechanism which is difficult to destroy. It’s crucial that you know what resources do you have and how you are of value. The same goes for the other. That way, both can unite to complete a whole that helps both to achieve a goal. These alliances can be of two or more people, of course, but they are successful only if each one knows where they shine and where they need help, when they know their strengths and weaknesses. This is an act of vulnerability and it can be scary, but it’s necessary.

This Full Moon shows which are your fears, your inner demons, your mechanisms of self-deceit. It’s a painful process because something in you must die and transform in order to be reborn: a situation, a relationship, a behavior patter, a belief. That which must die gives you a false sense of security and certainty. Now you have grown enough to shed your skin and let go that which has already served its purpose. If you don’t let it go, it becomes a burden. This is something hidden, it’s not obvious and it hides where the true power resides. Don’t be surprised to see during these days the true power struggles and power games be revealed into the public eye.

Look for your Sun sign and Ascendant sign to see which aspect of your life needs to die, transform, and be reborn until May 6:

SCORPIO: Transform your image. It’s time to present yourself as powerful, sensual, and mysterious. Don’t hesitate to show your fragile side. Despite what you think, it’ll show your more human and make your relationship even closer. Use this period to conquer a place for you because your image facilitates it, whether you’re the face of a company, brand, or campaign or it opens the doors of personal and/or professional acceptance.

SAGITTARIUS: Business and financial alliances formed during this period are crucial. Learn to value yourself and the important resources you bring to the table at the workplace. You are a loyal, trustworthy team player. Don’t be afraid to show it with impeccable work.

CAPRICORN: You’ll be able to find a lost document or a hard-to-find piece of information that will open lots of doors for negotiations and puts you in a privileged position. Research work is good at this time. You might find a lost piece of a puzzle. Relationships with your siblings become closer.

AQUARIUS: Your challenge is to find your true home. Where do you feel at home? At work, at your place, in a different city or country, with your friends or family? You must discover what gives you a sense of safety and comfort. It might not be necessarily a physical place in the outside world, but an inner feeling to be discovered.

PISCES: Beware of unbridled passions, whether it’s romance or your self-expression. It might be difficult, but you need to learn to put boundaries for yourself and others. Channel that excess of energy and intense, profound emotions in creative and artistic endeavors. You must put in order those hidden thoughts and feelings that are now flooding out to the light.

ARIES: It’s easier now to put to work those health plans you had: a new discipline, a diet, exercise or treatment. You can’t keep postponing it anymore. Alliances at work will help you conquer more terrain and delegate so many responsibilities that are getting out of hand. Find those new, trustworthy team members you need.

TAURUS: Getting closer to your partner must be your focus. Together you can strengthen your relationship, business, or team. Put on the table your strengths and weaknesses and decide together how to procede to achieve what is impossible by yourself.

GEMINI: It’s necessary to have conversations about money, leadership, power, motivations, and strategies with your partner in order to succeed. Whatever is kept secret for the sake of one can damage everything. If you can’t discover who is thinking only in him or herself, who’s being selfish, to make him/her walk the plank, then the whole ship will sink.

CANCER: You’ll challenge truth, whether is others’ or you own. Question the rules, specially if you see they don’t work like they used to. What you’re looking for what is right and a sense of justice that is not always used. It’ll be important to keep in mind the big picture, your life purpose.

LEO: Your career is your priority. Pay special attention to your reputation and your public image. Which are the challenges that must be overcome? Do you have something to hide? You’ll succeed if you face obstacles with transparency and honesty. Otherwise, it might be you who loses your head or your position of power.

VIRGO: When you dare to bring to the light something hidden or unknown for a cause or the common good, you’re playing your part in the big game of life. Don’t believe that what you do is small. It has a rippling effect. Don’t underestimate your power not put yourself in the position of a victim. If you recognize your gifts, you can be like David, who killed Goliath.

LIBRA: It’s imperative a time of solitude to rediscover your dark side and change what’s needed to be more loyal to yourself. Recognize your own essence. Go through a process of purification to improve your health and your relationships. Allow yourself to fulfill your needs.



Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols

This Full Moon ocurrs at 2º31′ of Scorpio, which corresponds to the Sabian Symbol of 3º of Scorpio:

A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation.

KEYNOTE: The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.

In rural neighborhoods, especially in the American West was being developed, the building of at least the framework of a house was often a collective, friendly enterprise. Newcomers building their home-to-be found friendly helpers in their neighbors. The sense of togetherness and participation in a common enterprise was developed by such collective work. The home remains “our” home, yet the whole community is involved in its erection and the welcome marking its completion.

At this third stage of the five-fold sequence, feeling becomes activity. The past and its memories are depolarized in terms of the expanded social consciousness. From that activity a new sense of reality will derive. The keyword is COOPERATION.

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