New Moon Horoscope: April 7-22, 2016

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01 New Moon in AriesThe New Moon, the total darkness of the night, represents all the potential of the planted seed. This is the moment to initiate new intentions and new plans. Slowly but surely it will grow. Now you’ll begin to break free those aspects of your life that came out of a difficult alliance or relationship during the last Full Moon in Libra, which was also a lunar eclipse. That moment of crisis in your relationships helped to balance the relationship you have with yourself. Now it’s time to rediscover yourself, explore new things, and rediscover your identity. Everything you begin now will reveal its results in the next Full Moon in Aries, on October 15, 2016. The Aries-Libra polarity promotes to have healthy relationships with others without losing your own identity nor your independence. Use your instinct to trace new forms of projecting yourself to others: a new image or look, something new in your life to explore, or a new potential to develop. Be careful not to be impulsive nor egocentric. Now is the time to set strong footings for yourself so you can create strong ties with others.

Look for your zodiac sign to know which aspect of your life needs more independence until April 22:

ARIES: You might want to change your look: a new haircut, a new outfit, a new makeup style. Develop your identity and your independence. Maybe you’ll change how you project yourself on social media or your website. You may open a new business or become economically independent. Work on your self-confidence. Your emotional independence is the most important thing now.

TAURUS: Your priority is your financial independence. Explore new businesses, new spending and saving habits, and new ways to increase your income. Beware of buying impulsively or getting into unplanned expenses. Revisit your values and try new things that align better with who you are now. Follow your instinct.

GEMINI: Go out to new events, create new contacts, and try new classes. You’ll be attracted to intense exercise courses to keep yourself in shape and active. Communicate in a direct way without being too impulsive or impertinent.

CANCER: You rediscover your home, your family, and your roots. Redecorate your home, give it a fresh uplift. Visit a place in your neighborhood you have never been before. Ask your parents or grandparents to tell you a story about your family you have never heard before. Reconnect with your deepest emotions. Don’t be afraid to express them. Now you can see everything that’s familiar with new eyes.

LEO: Be more daring in romance. Explore your creative side: take art classes, a theater workshop, or a music course. Play a new sport you like or play a new game with your children, nephews, or grandchildren. Your inner child needs to know who he/she is now. Let him/her.

VIRGO: Use this time to try a new diet, a new exercise routine, or even, a new job. Change your routines so they adjust better to your new life and the new you. There are things that need to be ordered in a new way: your time, your drawers, your closet, your computer files. Take care of your pets: take them to the vet, watch their diet, and play with them.

LIBRA: Cut off those codependent relationships that enslave you and work towards your independence. If you cant live in a healthy, interdependent relationship, you’ll have to establish the conditions of the relationship or end it. You can’t live pleasing everyone all the time nor see the world to their eyes. You have lost yourself and you need to get yourself back. Trust your instinct and follow your steps.

SCORPIO: Search for new ways to invest your money and find new resources. Beware of impulsive, risky expenses or investments. Renew your intimate relationships: try new things in sex, go after intense sensations and follow your passions. Everything new is a challenge to be conquered.

SAGITTARIUS: Dare to go after a new adventure or a trip you always wanted to do. Your personal Truth and your belief systems are being transformed because you have grown. Your interest in philosophy, other cultures, science, religions, and politics increase. Studying deeply something of your interest and developing your spirituality and intuition are good things to explore.

CAPRICORN: You reinvent your leadership positions, reconsider your career, or finally decide to have your own business. Consider which is the legacy you’d like to leave behind, which are the new laws to achieve your golas, or even consider if you want to have children. If you have them, think about what you’d like to teach them or leave for them so they can become into good citizens.

AQUARIUS: Look for those groups and causes you’d like to join. Your ideals will need a readjustment to align better with who you are now. Nothing lasts forever. You must reinvent yourself constantly. What you’d like to experience new and which old structures you’d like to challenge are things to evaluate now.

PISCES: Explore new ways of developing and expressing your faith, your inspiration, and your unconditional love. Your message is universal. Reevaluate where are your healthy limits. Maybe you need to move them now to a new place so they adjust better to your current situation. A spiritual retreat and moments of solitude will strengthen you tremendously.

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Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols

This New Moon ocurre at 18º04′ of Aries. The corresponding Sabian Symbol is 19º of Aries:


Keynote: The use of creative imagination.

A way of life refusing a hectic involvement in social competition and waste-producing overproduction allows for the development of unattached and transcendent understanding. The static floor (carpet) on which man’s feet (symbols of understanding) rest can become transformed into the means for great flights of imagination and super-physical perception. The period of rest from outwardly directed activity bound to collective normality presents the creative mind with the possibility of surveying in dreams the totality of the present-day social situation, thus “to see whole”.

The fourth stage of  the fourth five-fold sequence of symbols invokes the possibility of developing a new technique of perception. A STRIFE-TRANSCENDING AND UNATTACHED OUTLOOK UPON EVERYDAY REALITY.

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