Lunar Eclipse Horoscope: March 23, 2016

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The Partial Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 occurs at 3º17′ of Libra. It will be visible in most parts of Asia, Australia and the Americas. By definition, a lunar eclipse occurs when Earth is aligned between the Sun and the Moon creating a shadow over the Earth’s satellite. As seen from Earth, the Moon “turns off”. Here the subconsciousness, the emotions, are “turned off” or eclipsed. Lunar eclipses calls you to face a need of manifesting new ways to move towards your future. This is presented as stress, crisis, and change in some aspect of your life. Depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart is what needs to be resolved. Today’s Full Moon in Libra and the New Moon in Aries of next April 7 show which things need to be left behind and which need to be developed to progress.
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This eclipse highlights those unresolved, chaotic or out-of-your-control situations in your relationships. Everything is a relationship: the relationship you have with yourself, with your parents, with your children, partner, coworkers, neighbors, et. This also includes your relationship with your work, your health, money, your community, studies, etc. Since it happens in Libra, it asks us to find the sacred in the other. The other person is a mirror of yourself, of what you have and what you lack. The Full Moon fase shows a need to develop the growth or expansion of your consciousness and the ability to think before acting. The discovery of what it means to live a purposeful life with conscious intention is a painful but gratifying process. There is a polarity between “the other” and “I”, a sense of separation. The conflicts you experience with others are projections of your internal conflict. By recognizing the others as a separate entity, you must also accept and validate his or her differences with objectivity and clarity.

The Sun (ego, the consciousness) represents the purpose of your soul. The Moon (emotion, subconscious) represents your personality as the form or vehicle through with the life purpose is revealed consciously. For some, this manifests as the quest for the ideal partner, a great love, the soulmate who makes life worthwhile. For others, it can be a cause, a belief system, an idea, a guru or divinity that provides content with transcendental meaning to fill the structures of his or her life. The quality of your relationships show how well integrated are the polarities within yourself.

The Full Moon in Libra is in opposition with Mercury in Aries, for which expressing emotions can be impulsive and not well received or understood. Stop and breath. Don’t react (instinct), but respond (conscious mind). The Moon also has a sextile with Mars in Sagittarius, which will give you the optimism to initiate soon something you wanted to start this year but, for some reason, has been postponed.Lunar Eclipse 1.001

Below is how this lunar eclipse pushes you during the next six months to express your purpose. Look for your zodiac solar sign, your ascendant, and on which house does the 3º17′ falls into in your birth chart.

ARIES: Teamwork, whether it is with your business partner or significant other, needs to be reinforced. It is important to relate from equanimity and equality. One person has what the other one lacks and that makes the team a unique and strong entity. Before doing anything impulsively, ask the other what he or she needs. Help the other to stand out. Your position is to be the vice-president or copilot, to support the other to reach his or her goals. Your duty is not to lead, but to teach the other to be a good leader. Oh! And don’t expect anything in return. If you’re asking for what you want in exchange or trying to convince the other to do things your way, you’re on the wrong path.

TAURUS: Intimate relationships and relationships of trust are the ones that need your attention, whether it is your spouse, your business partner, or your financial advisor. You must also review your relationship with money. This should not be the ends nor your goal, but the vehicle to achieve something you desire. That thing you desire is what motivates you to live every day. Go after your passions, how to heal a deep wound in your soul, how to end something painful in your life to be reborn. This is the Holy Week and the climactic point of its theme is how to transmute something that makes your days all the same, monotonous, and boring, let it go, let it die and be reborn to begin a new life. The biggest power struggle you face is going on within you. Conquer your fears and your dark side.

GEMINI: You don’t have to compromise your fun and playful personality to grow up. Of course, now won’t be the same as it used to be, but after going through so many experiences and meeting so many people, you take some time for yourself to find your own center, your own Truth. What you believe does not necessarily has to be the same thing others believe; it must be what works for you. You understand it very well because you have seen the world. But rest assured that now you know who you are, where do you stand, and where you want to go. You are more connected with your intuition and your inner voice. Traveling, getting to know other cultures and philosophies enrich your soul. Everything related to justice, publicity, and publications to communicate what inspires you will be favored.

CANCER: Focus on getting out of the nest you were born and creating your own nest. Reflect upon the destiny you want to create for yourself, what do you want to achieve, how far you want to go, which legacy or footprint you want to leave behind for posterity. You’re searching for your place in society and in the world. This is a lonely road, but to achieve it, you need many others. This final goal you choose is the one you won’t change nor compromise. Therefore, it must be defined clearly and objectively. The path to get there, though, must be flexible. Now you make important decisions about your career, your position as a leader, your influence as an entrepreneur, or being your own boss. Remember that you can count on the support of many people who loves you. They are many more than you think.

LEO: Stop searching for others’ approval. What you need is your self-approval. While you keep focusing on satisfying your own desires and taking risks to feel alive, specially in romance, everything becomes so intense that it can destroy the relationship you want so badly. Look for a cause, a group or belief you’d like to join. Inject them with your enthusiasm, show them how to pay and have fun, recognize the fact that each and every one of them, every human, is special. Help them shine by doing what is best for everyone. If there is too much melodrama in your life or you find yourself using your authority for the mere pleasure of showing others who’s the boss, you’ll lose your north and everything you desire.

VIRGO: It will be critical to leave behind any abrasive criticism towards others and yourself. Perfection does not exist in this world. Overanalyzing everything, finding faults, and inflexibility only allow for stagnation. Things can still work within their own imperfection. Forgive others. Forgive yourself for staying too long in an unpleasant situation. Compassion is the greatest act of love. Focus on developing your faith and your spirituality, knowing that there is something bigger than you that moves everything and at the end, everything will be for a good purpose. Solitude, meditation, yoga, a spiritual retreat, art, music, or any non-religious practice will help you understand that you’re one with the Universe. Focus on a vision you’d like to materialize and work for it.

LIBRA: Learn to trust your instinct, to fight for what you want without the need for others’ approval. You must develop your independence and unchain yourself from the self-imposed slavery of depending of your partner, if you have one, or of looking for one, if you don’t. You are the center of you own life, the protagonist of your movie. Don’t give away your place to another nor let him or her steal your show. You make your own decisions and being unapologetically yourself you’ll attract what you want. You are the leader, the pioneer. Allow yourself to explore. Your best and most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Before supporting others, you must support yourself.

SCORPIO: Stop hunting! Whether it is a relationship, a goal, a passion… stop! Being on top of things all the time, forcing them to happen you way or forcing other to do what you want not only is tiring, but it scares away the very thing you want, like a soul runs away from the devil. Relax and leave others in peace. focus on yourself, on being comfortable, on being by yourself and do nothing for a while. Not everything in life is doing, doing, doing. Allow yourself to just be. Be grateful for what you have. Make a list, if necessary. Be patient. Patience is the art of waiting in peace. There are things out of your control, out of your hands. Set boundaries and stop getting your nose in other people’s business. Honor your own needs with the same intensity as you should honor the needs of others. You have lost your center, your worth, and your self-love. Focus on what is really important and get it back, whether it’s money or anything of value for you.

SAGITTARIUS: You have spent a season hibernating alone. It’s ok to think things through but now is the time to share your discoveries with the world. Now you launch that project you have worked on for a while behind closed doors. Your message is very important and there are many who want to hear it. Share your projects and plans with others; hear to what they have to say. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’ll be well received. Siblings, any means of communication, publicity, publications, short trips will require more of your attention now. Refine your communication skills, whether you’re a messenger, a mediator, or a merchant. You are the one who links the ones above with the ones below and viceversa. Take this time to learn new things that will make your job easier. Go out, socialize, meet new people, let yourself be seen and known.

CAPRICORN: Pay attention to your home, your family, your parents, the house you live. You tend to go overboard with excess of work and neglecting your family and home. They are the base of your emotional stability. They are the safety net that supports you when the world falls on your shoulders. Don’t be afraid of digging into your emotions and expressing them. Your feelings are true and profound. Let know your loved ones how much you love them. This is an important moment to rediscover your roots and rebuild the relationship with your parents, specially your mother. You’re a natural hunter but you must learn to receive; let yourself be loved. Allow yourself to receive what you want the most: to be nurtured, cared for, and loved. After a nasty battle, there’s nothing better than to go back home, sweet home.

AQUARIUS: This is a unique time to express your inner child and strengthen your individuality. You’re unique and special. Playing and having fun are you most important tasks in everything you do. Any artistic expression, sports, and children are a priority now. Use your creativity to leave the sheep and stand out like a lion. Fight for what you want, dare to stand out, let yourself be seen. You’ll succeed if you allow yourself to occupy and dominate the center stage. True love and romance awaits. Enjoy each moment with a special someone. Do all those things you’re enthusiastic about and make you feel alive. Stop being the outsider who observes from the outside. Participate, get involved. Feel your heart beat and your blood run through your veins. Your time to shine is finally here.

PISCES: Leave behind your fears and sorrows. Your hands are not tied. It’s time to work and get busy, to get out of dark or rosy fantasies. What happened to all of those inspiring ideas spiraling in your head for years? Put them to work now, whether it’s a vision, a creative project, or a dream of yours. Bring all of those things to the real, material world. Focus on your work and your health. Begin that new diet and exercise regime you have postponed for months or years. Go to the doctor. Get back to your beauty routines. Clean your house, your office, your heart, and your life. You must order, cleanse, and get rid of useless things. Cross cleanse. Disinfect! You begin an intense time of purification to begin a new life. What’s not working anymore is out: things, relationships, jobs, houses, cars, habits. This eclipse gives you the energy and motivation to snatch out the weeds and replant your garden with flowers.
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Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols

This eclipse occurs at 3º17′ of Libra, corresponding to the Sabian Symbol of 4º of  Libra:

Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.

KEYNOTE: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.

As one partially visionary leader said a few years ago: “Beaten paths are for beaten men”. The urge to create a new society and respond to new clues leads the pioneer to the wilds, which represent the state of planetary possibility — i. e. the as-yet-uncultured, the virgin forest. Around the fire of a common dedication (or at least a common hope!) minds and bodies can commune, forming a “chalice” or Grail for the reception of creative inspiration.

At this fourth stage of this five-fold sequence of phases of development we find, as usual, a hint of technique. If a new society is to be built, those who yearn for it, or perhaps who have envisioned its outlines, should commune. But communion is useless where no central “fire” burns, in-spiriting the group.

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