Solar Eclipse Horoscope: March 8, 2016

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The Total Solar Eclipse on March 8, 2016 occurs at 18º56′ of Pisces in the South Node in Pisces. It will be visible in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean. By definition, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon is aligned between the Sun and the Earth creating a shadow on the planet. As seen from the Earth, the Sun “turns off”. Here the conscious, the ego, is eclipsed or “turned off” to reveal something about the unconscious. Because it happens on the South Node, this eclipse asks you to look and work on something about your past or your unconscious that you are not aware of and that now becomes an obstacle to progress and grow. This is presented as a crisis or chaos in some aspect of your life that needs to be put in order. Depends on which part of your natal chart is activated by the eclipse, it’s the matter to be solved. Today’s New Moon in Pisces and the last Full Moon in Virgo, which was on February 22, show us which things you need to leave behind and which things you need to develop in order to discontinue a stagnant part of your life.

06 Luna Nueva en Virgo Luna Llena en Piscis06 Full Moon in Virgo12 New Moon in Pisces

The eclipse highlights something of your past that is yet to be resolved and that is preventing you from manifesting your vision, idea, or inspiration in a tangible way. Everything is connected. Faith is built through action. So, instead of running away from your fears or avoid your responsibilities, you must face the unpleasant and solve it. You can’t hide under the sheets anymore. You must act.

Look for your sign below to see which aspect of your unconscious needs to be worked on, let go, and healed during the next six months to manifest your dreams:

PISCES: The eclipse points out to the need to develop our independence, your image, how you project yourself to others. The crisis is in the “I”. Maybe you blame yourself too much because you gained weight, because you have abandoned yourself, because you’re not doing what you need. Focus on your partner and friends. Go out, share, and socialize. They will give you the support you need to trust yourself and not give up in the path towards your goals.

ARIES: The eclipse occurs in your house of money, self-love, and your needs. You need to see how are you self-sufficient and self-sustaining, how are you able to supply your own needs and be comfortable. You need to enjoy the pleasures of life. Focus on your passions and the challenges you want to conquer. Your partner or lover will help you enjoy pleasure and passion. Consult a financial advisor to create a financial plan for yourself and your business for the near and far future.

TAURUS: Your communication and learning skills are now eclipsed. Maybe you had a misunderstanding with a sibling, in a business meeting, or in your studies. Maybe you need a new car or means of transportation. Look for a way to deepen your knowledge, whether is by yourself or going after a postgraduate degree. Study things to the detail, expand your knowledge sharing with foreigners or traveling. Go on an adventure and do things you have never tried before. These experiences will help you find your own inner Truth.

GEMINI: Your home, your parents, and your emotional stability need your attention. Stop postponing it. Maybe you need to renovate or redecorate your home, help your parents economically, or be in better touch with your emotions. Put in order your professional responsibilities to attend these matters. Don’t let your ambition and your desire to leave a mark in the world to distance you from your roots nor your what makes you happy.

CANCER: Fun, creativity, romance, your individuality, and the development of a healthy ego have been left in the dark with the eclipse. You have not let your inner child to play, you have abandoned your hobbies and favorite sports, you have forgotten to smile and live. Where is your enthusiasm? You need to explore with a new group of friends or with a new interest outside your confort zone. Put yourself in observation. Recalibrate your ideals, vision of the world and of humanity to help you contrast and discover what is your heart longing for.

LEO: The eclipse points to your job, your health, and your routines. The idea is to serve, work, and paying attention to detail but if you take it to the extreme of perfectionism, you may loose touch with why you do things a certain way in your daily life. What’s the point? A vessel is useless if it doesn’t contain anything. It’s time to develop your spirituality, to get inspired, to find that vision you love to make it a reality. Spending time in solitude will be of great help. Take care of your health; it may force you to take some rest or unplanned time off.

VIRGO: The eclipse darkens your partnerships, in business or in love. There is something that is not working harmoniously. Are you lacking support? You don’t receive in proportion to what you give? Remember that reciprocity is not getting back exactly what you gave, but receiving something your were lacking. You have put your center in the other and that is dangerous. Focus on yourself, in your life vision, and your future. Focus on being more compassionate with yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Forgiving yourself heals everything. Any artistic expression as a means to express yourself will heal wounds that no medicine can. Reinvent yourself and you’ll be reborn.

LIBRA: The eclipse presents a crisis in your intimate relationships and your finances. You have overlooked betrayals and power struggles. This is a situation that must end so you can be transformed. How? Develop your self-love, be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-sustained. Work towards your financial independence and stop depending on others to supply your financial and economical needs. Focus on yourself putting yourself and your needs first. That way you’ll be better equipped to help others and face any challenges on your way. If you’re not comfortable and life seems like an unending battle, you’re not there yet.

SCORPIO: There are crises with travels, other countries, and academia. You must adopt a new personal truth because the one you have now does not represent who you have become. Spend time with other people, ask questions, investigate how others think, listen to other viewpoints, research, and then, adopt those values and ideals that represent your present Truth. Your view of the world has changed with the transformational experiences you have lived. Study your present environment and actualize yourself. Connecting with your immediate surroundings will help your message be well received.

SAGITTARIUS: Crisis is in your career or profession is happening so you conquer the destiny you want for yourself by yourself. Anything related to advanced studies, publications, politics, religion or spreading a Truth is something important to you that has been overshadowed by the eclipse. You need to strengthen the base of your needs so that this can take place. Maybe you work from home and need to prepare an office or comfortable place to work. Or maybe you need more self-confidence to work on your own, make a launch, or assume a leadership role. Your parents or ancestors can serve as example and inspiration.

CAPRICORN: You don’t want to be surrounded by friends anymore and are not interested in seeing things objectively. Your interests and the desire to experiment have been turned off. You must rescue your enthusiasm by practicing the hobbies, arts, or sports you love, spending time with children or expressing your inner child. Spend time with close friends, welcome romance, and enjoy the pleasures of life. Have fun! You must laugh and enjoy the moment keeping in mind that life is a game. You’re special and unique.

AQUARIUS: Spending time in solitude, finding your purest essence, and having a clear vision of your future is something that has been obscured by the eclipse. You have left behind your spiritual practices and you’re not as compassionate as you think. Get ti back by creating the routines and structures you need so your ideas and inspiration can manifest in a tangible way. Do it now! Focus on your work, your health, and what you need to function with plenitude and efficiency. Pay attention to every detail and follow the rules you have put on yourself. Making your dreams come true is something you owe yourself for quite some time. No more distractions.Solar Eclipse Don't let the shadow of your past eclipse the brightness of your future..001


Dany Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols

This eclipse ocurrs at 18º56′ of Pisces, so it corresponds t the Sabian Symbol of 19º of Pisces:

A master instructing his disciple.

KEYNOTE: The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative Impulse of the cycle active and undeviated.

The Hindu ideal of the sacred relationship between guru and chela (disciple) has of late become familiar to a vast number of young and not-so-young people. The doctrine of “the Apostolic succession” in the Roman Catholic Church has a similar significance. The Power and archetypal knowledge released “in the beginning” of any cycle (or at “Creation”) must be perpetuated until the very Last Day — the Omega state of which Teilhard de Chardin glowingly speaks. This Power is the “self” of the cyclic manifestation, the unchanging Tone (AUM) of all existences within this cycle. It can be transmitted from master to disciple at the latter’s “Initiation”. It must be transmitted for when the line of transmission (in Sanskrit, guruampara) is discontinued, the cyclic process begins to collapse in futility and spiritual darkness.

This fourth stage symbol gives us a clue to the supreme technique necessary for the continuation of all manifestations f power and spiritual understanding. The transmission is from person to person; it follows a general, unchanging pattern, yet it operates in terms of particular and individual circumstances. Keyword: INVESTITURE.

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