Tarot Horoscope: March 2016

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The Magician

During the month of March, use your leadership to create the reality you desire. You’ll notice that your plans and projects begin to germinate now. Take this moment to direct them towards success. This is an arcana of beginnings. Whether in love, studies, work, health or finance, the changes you experience now will open a door to something new. Of course, for this to happen, you’ll need to eliminate, conclude, or leave behind those things that prevent you from taking flight.

If you have postponed this change, this month will force you to do it. Not only there is a New Moon in Pisces on March 8, but also two eclipses: a solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9 and a lunar eclipse in Libra on March 23. Eclipses precipitate you to face a crisis in your life and make way for that change you want so much but fear as well. You’ll be obligated to confront any postponed situation regarding health, work, and partnerships. You must face fear and pain but if you know your strengths, you’ll succeed.

The arcana of The Magician shows you those innate gifts and abilities you have to face any situation and succeed. If something does not exist, you can create it like magic. Creativity and ideas are in the air. This is the moment to materialize them and shine. Take the initiative in whatever it is you want. You’ll also find creative solutions to your problems. The Magician favors commerce, negotiations, communications, travels, and curiosity during the whole month of March.

01 ARIES.001March brings imminent changes. Maybe they’ll surprise you because they’re unexpected or maybe you knew it would happen but you were unprepared. There are certain things you must eliminate, finalize, conclude, or leave behind but it is so painful that you haven’t done it completely. You’re paralyzed because of fear, deception, and feeling unprotected. You may have problems with sleep, anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. Don’t let this stop you. Take a good look around and notice that you can find a way out of this difficult situation. Focus on your goals and what you can achieve. Maybe a loved one walks out of your life, someone from your past returns to solve an unfinished business with you, maybe there are big changes at work or in health where you need to move to a new home or office or travel a lot. Whichever the challenge is, facing it and solving it will free you from very heavy burdens. Changing your point of view will let you begin a new chapter in your life.

02 TAURUS.001You are facing abrupt changes and big surprises with your significant other or business partner. Everything seems to be calm and you have been very comfortable ignoring it all to prevent digging into an old wound. Nonetheless, this is a relationship that has lost its essence. Duty and routine keeps you two together but there is not a strong, genuine connection. Don’t take the other person for granted. This emotional separation and, in some cases physical, has made you both stop trusting each other. This is dangerous. What is obvious must be solved now. Are you afraid of losing your home, your business, your money, or your stability if you leave things where they are right now? An unexpected event will push you to sit down and talk about your desires, feelings, and emotions with honesty. Only authenticity can put an end to an uncomfortable situation. Remember that difficult situations can put an end to the relationship or strengthen your bond. It’s your call.

03 GEMINI.001March brings many moments of joy and happiness. There are pleasant surprises both in love and in business. Use this chance of luck to strengthen the bond with your significant other and with your clients. Your partner may make an interesting proposal. If you’re single, suitors won’t be scarce. There may even be someone you are attracted to who will want to see you more often. Take the proposal seriously. There may be more than just a short-lived relationship. At work and business, fill your coworkers and clients with attention. You may initiate or close important agreements that translate into big bucks. Your charm and funny personality is very attractive but it’s how you manage your business with smarts and perspicacity opens the doors to new horizons. This is a month of abundance and fun for you. Enjoy the pleasures of life. Look back and remember those times when you desired for what you have right now. Be grateful and give a toast with champagne.

04 CANCER.001

This month you celebrate both professional and personal victories. You have worked a lot and sacrificed even more to reach this point. Enjoy it. As a result, you receive money. Now, from the top or reached step, look towards your future. You have been wanting more for a while, looking around in your exterior world for a change. But what you’re looking for is not out there but within. March will give you the chance to go on a deep, inner journey. Take this time of solitude to get to know yourself better, see where you are now, and set new goals. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? Your intuition is sharp. You finally listen to your inner voice instead of the voice of fear. Think about how can you attract love to all the aspects of your life. How can you fall in love again with your profession, your home, your life, yourself? What you want is deep inside of you. Get inspired. Use this time to plan for your future in the long run: purchase a new home, create a new source of income, save money, create a family or strengthen the one you have. Take a rest of it all and explore. You’ll discover that your life right now is not as bad as you thought it was. It would get much better if you look at it with a different set of eyes. A little optimism will help you identify opportunities you didn’t notice before.

05 LEO.001

If during this month you don’t let go of something that was already lost, you’ll be forced to do it. You can lose a loved one or a precious possession. The sense of loss makes you very sad. It’s time to move on quickly. Take a good look around and see who is who. You have been persuaded or enchanted and you’re eating off their hand. Whom do you trust? Be suspicious of everything and everyone. You’ll face deceit and betrayal. Don’t be afraid to call it out. You’re smarter than that. Take this challenge as an opportunity to rediscover the strength within you. Fight for what is yours and set healthy boundaries in all your relationships. When the lion sleeps, the hyenas have a party. Someone else is in the power seat in your life and you can’t let it happen. Wake up and defend yourself.

06 VIRGO.001

Breaking chains despite the pain is your biggest challenge on March. This month you must let go of those things that limit you, enslave you, and put at risk your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Begin with your vices: sleeping too much, drinking too much alcohol, using drugs, eating too much or too little. Get rid of unhealthy or empty relationships. Why you punish yourself? Why you limit your own growth? Why you postpone to face your problems? Any situation that puts you in the position of a victim must be eliminated. You must be fair with yourself and establish fair treatment in all your relationships. Ask for a fair pay for your job. Subservience is not a symbol of love but of a wounded ego. Use your creative gifts to open up the way to independence and self-love. Express yourself. It will open up doors and will make you want to built for yourself and by yourself your own destiny. Stop deceiving yourself with fear. Set yourself free.

07 LIBRA.001You, the one who preaches the importance of making final and firm decisions, are at crossroads. Right now you’re in the middle of two difficult situations, options, or people and you can’t decide for one or the other. You’re hesitant. Why are you doubting so much? You’d like for everyone to get along, for there to be harmony, but it’s not possible. You feel as if your hands are tied but it’s your inability to see reality what keeps you trapped in this scenario. On the other hand, you don’t commit to a decision. Speaking about it and hear what each person has to say pollutes your mind and your ability to know what you really want. It’s too early to celebrate and choose. Wait a little to clear up your ideas and your desires free from the influence of others. It’s not yet the appropriate moment to act. Once you’re clear, then you’re ready to make a determined decision and never go back. Documents, contracts, studies, and legal matters are a priority.

08 SCORPIO.001The fear of using up all your resources and talent to progress has kept you in a time without losses nor earnings. You don’t like staying the same. You like to see growth, change, but to achieve that you must know what you’re risking, what’s at stake, what will you pay or sacrifice to get what you want. You have forced things to happen, specially things related with money, work, and business. Maybe the result was not what you were expecting but it has been a valuable experience. On the other hand, you have earned and saved some money for your next adventure. March will give you the chance to make an inventory of your projects and decide which one goes and which one stays to inject more energy on the ones that matter. If you reinvent yourself and take the leap of faith you haven’t taken yet, it will be a liberating step that will take you to a whole new level. This is the moment to win it all or lose it all. Trust yourself. Leave behind all fear that weighs you down and fly. Travels and moving to a new home is favored. Don’t be afraid to start again.

09 SAGITTARIUS.001A significant change of attitude and habits guarantees the future success and the achievement of your goals. This month you’re more focused than ever and you create the perfect balance between activity and rest. Your goals are very clear. No more distractions. This month you feel the joy and satisfaction that comes from within. You treasure the time you spend at home and in family which gives you emotional stability. That’s where you recharge yourself with enthusiasm to work for your future. You discover that deep within are all the resources you need to achieve whatever you desire. This time you want the interior success to manifest in your exterior world or viceversa. This is a favorable month for travels, remodeling or redecorating your home or moving to a new place. There are new sources of income, new business or clients, a raise, or a promotion. More than standing out, you don’t want to depend on others to achieve your professional, personal, nor financial goals.

10 CAPRICORNMarch is for you to shine and stand out. There are professional recognitions, promotions, and celebrations. In your love life, though, there is a feeling of emptiness. Your partner and you have lost the connection that once brought you together. You may still be together because of routine but the essence is lost. This is also reflected in your health and finances. Now you realize that this is a pattern. You jump into a new relationship too quickly and once the novelty is over and it’s time to be more intimate and vulnerable, you get afraid and withdraw. What you want the most is what you fear the most. You’ll be drawn to travel, whether alone or with company, start a new job or go on a new adventure. What’s important is that you go to an inner journey of spiritual self-discovery to get to know who you are and what sparks your interest. There are news about a new job or business, travels, or a new project. Suitors won’t be scarce.

11 AQUARIUS.001There are lots of work matters to tend in March. You may feel overwhelmed and tired with so many tasks, projects, and responsibilities. You will be able to get them all done if you focus, get organized, and follow a plan. There’s no other choice. Get rid of distractions and detours of your plan. Avoid problems and emergencies. This time you’re not willing to fail yourself. You’ll feel a strong energy and vitality that lights up your enthusiasm and motivates you to go after your personal goals. Be yourself and don’t put limits on your own road. Take this month to cultivate and develop your spirituality and your sexuality. One connects you with the heavens and the other, with the earth. Your magnetism is pumping because you shine from within. Your finances improve if you connect with those energies, focus, and are disciplined. Wait no more. It’s time to act non stop.

12 PISCES.001In March you make important decisions that can change the course of your career and your relationships. It is the right time to formalize, establish, and escalate new positions in your profession, specially with partners and superiors. You celebrate the opening of a new business or location. There are recognitions and raises, new titles, certifications, and professional degrees. Studies and training to develop your skills at work are now extremely valuable. In love, there are marriages or couples that move in together. If you’re in a love triangle or have several suitors, it’s a good time to choose one and commit. Identify when you must follow the rules and when can you break or challenge them. There is an appropriate place and moment for everything. With moderation, anything can be done.

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