Full Moon in Virgo: Horoscope for February 22 – March 8, 2016

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06 Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon brings to light all the things we planned, initiated, or planted during the last New Moon. Now that it enters the sign of Virgo, everything you have worked on since the last New Moon in Virgo (September 13, 2015) comes out to the light. Also, by eliminating certain behaviors, by polarity, the opposite is being developed. So when the Full Moon in Virgo ask us to “bring order to chaos”, it refers to a chaos that comes from the last New Moon in Pisces (March 20, 2015). Remember which things were out of control during those dates that provoked a crisis. And I say crisis because both March 20th and September 13 were days of eclipse and eclipses show a crisis we are experiencing. If you worked on those matters, you see the results today. If you brushed those matters under the carpet because you didn’t want to face them, you see the results today. This Virgo-Pisces polarity make us face those fears that have affected our daily life to the point of creating a disorder in our daily routines. During all this time, you restructured your life to accommodate for a new purpose — or even, your life purpose. If the form built is inadequate to contain that purpose or if the chosen purpose is unworthy of the form you built, then a crisis, abortion, or dissolution of that situation is the result during this Full Moon. Now you can see everything clearly as if seen through a microscope or a magnifying glass. Now you can smell the flower of the seed you planted.

See here how this Full Moon indicates which aspect of your life needs to be reorganized until March 8th:

VIRGO: Change your look, do a makeover on how you look, how you project and present yourself to others. Your identity and independence develop.

LIBRA: Your faith and vision develop. Be compassionate with yourself and stop placing yourself in the position of a victim. The role of Miss Perfect is suffocating you.

SCORPIO: Your social calendar is full, specially if you’re supporting a cause you believe in or a good friend. Your ideals either shine or crumble. Evaluate the causes you’re championing with passion and consider if it’s worth it. Stop trying to be the center of attention and do things for the greater good. Humility is the key.

SAGITTARIUS: Reorganize your daily routines to achieve your professional goals. The sacrifice is worth it. From now on you shine and your efforts are recognized.

CAPRICORN: Make some time to travel or get that masters or doctorate degree you always wanted. Express your Truth. Justice prevails in any pending case in court you may have.

AQUARIUS: Facing your fears transform your intimate relationships as much as your financial matters and investments. Work passionately for your ideals or causes.

PISCES: Agreements, contracts, partners, and spouse are now a priority. Also friendships based in agreements. Reciprocity create strong ties. You find the sacred in the other.

ARIES: It’s a good time to visit your doctor, start a diet, and follow health treatments. Discipline and routine will take you far. You celebrate a milestone at work or a new job.

TAURUS: Focus on attracting romance to your life, either with your partner or with suitors if you’re single. Practice a sport or art you like. Express yourself. Spend quality, fun time with your children.

GEMINI: It’s a good time for home repairs, attend matters with your parents, and develop your emotional stability.

CANCER: Reorder matters with your siblings, studies, travels, or business. It’s good time to buy a new car, phone, or plane tickets. Legal documents and communication are of high priority.

LEO: Any problem of money you may have comes from losing control of your expenses, specially if it involves a partner or spouse. Beware of deceit. Your priority is covering your own needs.

06 Luna Nueva en Virgo Luna Llena en Piscis

Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols

This Full Moon occurs at 3º34′ of Virgo. The corresponding Sabian Symbol is Virgo 4º:

Black and white children play together happily.

Keynote: The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices.

Freedom from all the forms, biases and idiosyncrasies of the particular culture and class in which one has been born and educated is a sine qua non of the consciousness truly “on the Path”. The ideal of universal brotherhood underlies all great spiritual teachings, for they all are like branches of the One Tree, Man, in his divine state. This does not mean there are no racial differences, but rather that these differences have a functional value in terms of the whole organism of Man — and of the planet Earth.

At this fourth stage the basic technique which applies to all truly spiritual progress is clearly stated. Every human being should be seen, approached and warmly met as a “child of God”, or in less religious terms as an exemplar of Man. Such a status gives to every social and interpersonal group the character of BROTHERHOOD.


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