Tarot Horoscope: February 2016

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11 Justice Affirmations Tarot.001JUSTICE

The Month of Love is not here to fantasize but to manifest into reality what you want. The task will be to develop fair and reciprocal relationships by agreement. In this category are friendships, partnerships, and marriage. Partners and spouses have a legal agreement, a contract, to either begin their relationship or end it. Legal matters are important now: contracts, selling or buying, trials, etc. What’s important is to learn and master the lesson: new harmonious ways to relate. The key word of the month is NEGOTIATION.

February is an excellent month to balance health, finances, and legal issues. Now it’s the time to present proposals, write, edit, and work on research projects. Simplify and balance that which is chaotic in your life. Handle problems with direct communication and swift action using prudence and wisdom rather than pushing to make things happen or by resisting or holding back. Imbalance is created by doubting, over-extending and depleting yourself. You must leave behind the tendency to create doubt, confusion and uncertainty by over-analyzing everything. Wait for clarity before taking action.

01 ARIES.001February feels shorter than it already is because you are so overloaded with responsibilities and time seems like it is not enough. Prioritize your duties and organize yourself to complete them on time. Follow your plan and you’ll succeed. Pending legal matters will turn to your side even though they’re difficult in the beginning. Go with the truth and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Studies, research, writing and editing are a priority. Pay attention to detail. Creative projects blossom because the muses pay you a visit. An air of romance surrounds you. Reconnect with your significant other or, if you’re single, pay attention because you’ll catch someone’s attention for your intelligence and eloquence. Be yourself and they’ll fall in love with you.

02 TAURUS.001

February fills you with worries because of change: moving to a new home, getting a new job, a change in social status. You like to keep things the same because it gives you a sense of stability, but this is not possible in your current situation. What you’re searching for is on the other side of change. Stop thinking too much and do it. Once you do you’ll be so happy you’ll wonder why you didn’t make that step earlier. You’ll laugh at all the fear and uncertainty you had. This time there is no place for doubt. Children bring you joy, specially if they are yours. You’ll live precious moments with a significant other or a close friend. Open your heart and play.

03 GEMINI.001After celebrating a big success and closing an important chapter in you life, it’s time to rest a little and see how can you better balance they way you occupy your time. Health treatments and healing methods of all kinds are vital. If you get sick, Life is forcing you to take some time for self-reflection after a very active season. There are things to learn from those recent experiences. Analyze them deeply and squeeze the juice of wisdom. Submerge within and feel what your heart has to say. Trust it and then go after those new ideas or projects you’re passionate about. But first, let your body and your mind rest. Trust me, they need and will need that break. Remember that now you don’t go out only to spend some fun time but to focus on where you want to invest your time. Doing things for mere distraction do exactly that, distract you from what you want to focus on to achieve your goals. You owe that commitment to yourself.

04 CANCER.001

February is a month to focus on your work, your goals, and your values. You know you want a change in your job, but beyond changing employment or environment it’s about changing how you see yourself. Do you recognize what value you bring to the table and know how to monetize it? What you do and who you relate with leads you towards where you want to be tomorrow or does it derail you from your goals? There is lots to reflect upon and analyze in an objective and logic manner. Today’s decisions will make a big difference tomorrow. Think it through and if you’re sure, make the corresponding steps with determination. Everything you do must have a purpose. Use your business leadership skills and manage yourself as such. Don’t do things only because you want to or because you feel like you must. Above all, they must make sense. This month you sign important contracts.

05 LEO.001

The Month of Love is for you a month of crossroads. There are so many battles to win. Squashing others is not the way to the top. You must make serious decisions regarding finances. The answer is near: new income, investments, or some money you receive unexpectedly. The competition is harsh. It will be better to focus on yourself than on others. Changing your focus can make all the difference. Are you suffering from an unrequited love? Are you involved in a love triangle? Think then if it’s worth all your effort to get his or her attention, receive his or her love and approval. You should have received it by now. If not, it’s time to go somewhere else where you’re appreciated. Stop insisting and value yourself.

06 VIRGO.001There’s an overflow of inspiration and creativity this month. Use it to further develop your projects, retake old ideas and create new things. Don’t be afraid to show off your talent and invest in yourself. Whatever you do that takes you closer to your goals is worth pursuing. Take risks and stop thinking about it. The goals you set now will make the way for the next years. Stop postponing what you want to please others, specially your significant other. If he or she truly loves you will give you the freedom you need to fulfill your dreams. One thing does not sacrifice the other but they don’t get mixed either. In other words, your partner supports you when he or she does not obstruct your way. You don’t necessarily  need to work together. If you’re single, do not get unfocused from your work or your finances because of a romantic interest. Your priority must be yourself.

07 LIBRA.001

This month you celebrate the success of a project on which you worked very hard and earned your part. Now you know where you shine and where you are valuable an productive. The question now is where to go now, what to do next. There will be an idle time that you should use to reinvent yourself. Watch your expenses. You may come out from this situation successfully if you find an innovative, unconventional way to distinguish yourself from your competition. Humanitarian work makes you shine. Think about those limiting patterns you’re attached to. Break those chains to secure your progress. Otherwise, a stagnant time is coming. Changing your perspective will help to see things with clarity and find ways out where you never imagined.

08 SCORPIO.001You have been wandering around blindfolded for a while. You don’t want to see reality, specially about someone close to you whom you love dearly and is going away. Be aware of your responsibility in this matter. Don’t pretend you have nothing to do with it. Say or listen to your truth. Don’t be afraid to lose his or her love. If it’s true, it won’t happen. This is the month to rebuild, restructure, or strengthen your emotional stability. Be more compassionate with yourself. Take a look at where have you been intransigent both with yourself and with others. There is one of your biggest obstacles and you can turn it around. Sometimes the Universe wants to do its part but you’re in the way. Remember that not everything is in your hands. A loving man will be very important to overcome these obstacles.

09 SAGITTARIUS.001You have suffered several disappointments both in love and in business because you haven’t seen yet the results you expected after working so hard for it. Be patient. Some things need time to ripe before the harvest. Also, wounds don’t heal overnight. You know that very well. February brings the challenge to be faithful and loyal to yourself. You owe it to yourself. Do for you what you do for others without questioning. If you do, you’ll be the master of your destiny. Experience has brought big life lessons that you have known to learn because of your nature. Now it’s time to put them to work. Be the leader we all know you are but you don’t dare to let out. Stop the self-sabotage with fear of failure and fear of success in your finances, health, creativity and relationships. You know very well how to organize yourself and what to do. Do it! Walk into the happiness and success that have been waiting for you for so long.


February is a heavy month for you. Take care of your back and beware of physical exhaustion. You may feel tired though it’s not so much because of work but because of an emotional heaviness. There’s unexpressed frustration for not reaching yet your professional and financial goals or for not having the love you’re longing by your side. You work is where you feel good and in control. You know how to do things to keep them in order and avoid chaos at your job. Following the rules and paying attention to detail can do wonders. But in the rest of your life it seems as if it doesn’t work the same way. Avoid excess in drinking, eating, drugs, or sex as a way to escape and forget your disappointments. A time of rest alone can help you to recharge your energy, reflect upon your life and see things from a new point of view.


February is literally the Month of Love for you. You can enjoy your family and your spouse at home. Maybe you may even take a short vacation and travel. There is happiness that is rooted from plenitude. Focus on putting all your efforts on whatever makes you happy and brings you joy, whether it’s in your personal or professional life. Any creative project will be lucrative. Trust your intuition and your inspiration. A new home or remodeling the one you have will bring a fresh energy that serves as inspiration. If you’re single, go out this month with friends or alone. You’ll catch lots of attention and will meet lots of interesting people. Your magnetism is sky high and love knocks your door.

12 PISCES.001

In February you enjoy the fruits of your labor in all the aspects of your life: money, work, health, and love. Use this time to go out, show off, be the center of attention, and enjoy the good things in life. Romance and suitors surrounds you. There are plenty of creative projects and your ideas are well received. It’s important you show your authenticity fearlessly and unapologetically this month. Stop pleasing others and being at their mercy. Do it now for yourself. Important women in your life serve as an example. Honor them. Now you know well what you want and what not in your love life and your daily life. Important decisions arise that you must make by eliminating old illusions, self-deception, and self-deceit.

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