Tarot Horoscope: June 2015

Rider-Waite Tarot. Arcana XVI: The TowerTHE TOWER

June comes full of both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. The sudden changes of the month have the purpose of knocking down any false illusion of stability you’re attached to: a job, a relationship, your social status. If your sense of identity and self-value depend on it, the rug will be pulled from under your feet. The idea is that you should not be defined by what you have but for what you are. This is the chance to be yourself, so anything that is not you must go. If you don’t initiate the change, the circumstances will do it for you. It’ll be quick, unexpected. Probably it’ll leave you breathless, but it’ll serve as an awakening, a moment to finally see things clearly. You may want to renovate something: repair the car, restore your home, refurbish an idea or project. You’ll want to do it with yourself: start a new diet and exercise regime, end empty relationships, or leave behind unsatisfying behavior patterns. You may want to do anything that aligns with your true nature or takes you closer to it. Anything for authenticity.

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01 ARIES.001ARIES (March 22 – April 20)

Experience has made you grow, be less impulsive and more strategic. The unexpected won’t take you by surprise. You’re ready for everything, the best and the worst. You feel in control of your life. You have a partner or loved one that you value a lot, with whom you have come long ways and achieved big goals. The relationship between you too improves even more. Children or projects in common make you even closer. In the outside world, you must be strong, but in the intimacy of the home, let your inner child play freely.

02 TAURUS.001TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Focus on your health this month. You must balance rest with exercise. Get rid of unhealthy pleasures: junk food, toxic relationships, empty experiences. Spend time with your family, specially your parents, grandparents or siblings. It’ll be healing. Despite the sadness of what’s left behind, you’ll receive some money from an inheritance, pension, or good luck, which will make you very happy. Use it to forward your business ventures and you’ll multiply it. The sacrifice of your hard work will be fruitful. Because of these experiences, you’ll recognize your valuable friendships as well as your own value. June will be an emotional roller-coaster ride, but it’ll be worth it.

03 GEMINI.001GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

Partnerships grow stronger this month. You feel free to express yourself openly and you’ll be understood. Your biggest fear is to be disapproved by those you love, but now that’s in the past. You have learned to how and when communicate so the message is received well. You also learned to listen. You feel comfortable in your own skin now that you know yourself better. Spend some time with the important women in your life. When you’re by yourself, make sure to be near the water: the ocean, the river, a lake, or even a fountain. It’ll help your mind relax and put your ideas in order. Remember, if you’re focused, there’s no obstacle you cannot overcome.

04 CANCER.001CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

You’ll be extremely busy with work and you’ll have to do wonders to keep everything in its place. You may receive some money: a bonus, help, a prize, or maybe you’re the one who provides for someone else. Whatever it’s needed to keep things in order. June is a very active day and requires your hard work to keep things running smoothly. You’ll feel alone, as if no one is helping, but that’s not necessarily the case. Simply put, you’re a leader and it’s your responsibility to make decisions for the whole team. The rest that you want will come later.

05 LEO.001LEO (July 24 – August 23)

This is the moment to break any attachments that limits your progress: an idea, a relationship, a job. If it leaves you feeling empty, it’s because it is. If it doesn’t contribute anything good to your life, its purpose in your life has come to an end. Be fair with yourself and stop fooling yourself. Give yourself what you need; don’t expect it from others. Traveling and sharing with new circles of friends will give you a necessary renewal. You’ll open your eyes and understand what was so hard to comprehend before. Lessons are learned after difficulties are overcome.

06 VIRGO.001VIRGO (August 24 – September)

Don’t make decisions from fear. Disillusionment and anxiety are only feelings. You’ll find yourself at crossroads. Not only you’ll have to choose the path to go to, but also you’ll have to choose if taking that path alone or with company. You must sit down and have clear talk to put in order your desires, plans, and ideas. Once you make a decision, everything that’s out of your hands will accommodate to give way to whatever it is that you want. You must come out of the comfort zone and take the next step. Risky! Relationships based on strong foundation will get stronger with this experience. Those on shaky grounds will be put to the test.

07 LIBRA.001LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

There’s lot to celebrate in June. Projects at work end successfully: a contract signed with an important client or partner, an office expansion, a raise to a new job title. Nothing happens because of luck, but because of hard work. Professional and personal relationships improve. Engagements, weddings, buying a new home or new members in the family are the surprise of the month. Now you can relax and enjoy some time letting your inner child play. Creativity grows. Make notes of any idea you may have; the crazier, the better. It can become the start of something big later on. Trust your instinct and spread your joy wherever you go.

08 SCORPIO.001SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

You don’t notice you’re running in circles. Following your impulses without slowing down to think and analyze if you’re taking the most effective and productive path to your goals has delayed the whole process. If you look back to the last year or two and notice that you’re in the same place as then, accept your stagnation. Take some time to change environments and social circles. Travel, have some fun. Reunite with some old friends you haven’t met with in a while. Telling them what you have been up lately will give you the perspective you need. Don’t search for the approval of others, but for a real and fresh perspective to your current situation. Identify those situations and attitudes you repeat and change them for once. Stop being your worst obstacle and your worst enemy.

09 SAGITTARIUS.001SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 22)

There’s so much to do this month that it feels like a burden. Don’t drown in duties. Rest your mind to increase your productivity. Make sure to look at the big picture of things with a renovated and fresh point of view. That way, you can find practical, effective, and quick solutions to your obligations. Any eccentric and innovated idea will be welcome. Today’s sacrifices will bring big results tomorrow. Take all these experiences as an invaluable learning process. Look for mentors, create a structure or routine and follow it religiously. Your discipline and effort promise bigger achievements than you expect. Get ready. Your big chance awaits.

10 CAPRICORNCAPRICORN (December 23 – January 20)

You always stand out at work and this month you validate your value. Get rid of anything unnecessary: equipment, staff, contracts. Some decisions will be difficult but necessary to start new projects and new ventures. Likewise, get rid of anything that is not useful in your daily life: meaningless friendships, hobbies that now are boring, possessions you don’t use anymore. To get further faster, you must lighten the weight. Anything that inspires you to something new is worth trying. Take it as a life tasting. Suitors and invitations to parties abound. Stay active to let your inner fire free. Sports and activities in nature will inspire you and keep you healthy.

11 AQUARIUS.001AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

Take the month of June as a well-deserved rest you have waited for some time. In the horizon you can see the road you’ll take soon but now is not the time. Don’t be impatient. You’ll get there when you finish your plan. This is a time to reflect, understand the past, and design your future. There are many decisions to make and these are firm and final. Make them wisely and calmly, because they will change the course of your life forever. It’s not something to take lightly. Your current dissatisfaction will motivate you to move towards your future. You’ll reject job or love offerings you’re not interested in. Recognize you get distracted easily. Focus and you’ll go far.

12 PISCES.001PISCES (February 20 – March 21)

This month you’ll analyze those things in your life that have essence. It’ll determine your decisions when you need to choose what stays and what remains. Meaningless relationships? Out. Jobs that don’t make money? Out. Unhealthy habits? Out. False illusions and false expectations don’t have place in your life. No more fantasies that only create you problems. The dreamworld doesn’t only translate to reality. Once you can discern which dreams can become true, clean the house and begin from zero. The sky is the limit.

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