Tarot Horoscope: March 2015

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T05 El HierofanteHE HIEROPHANT

The fifth arcana announces learning and teaching experiences that require us to trust our faith. During March, we’ll face challenges, specially unresolved family issues, in order to push us towards change. To become more ourselves, we must change our beliefs, identity or lifestyle to support our authenticity. We might want to let go of relationships, things or situations that bring us fear, deceit, worry, and feelings of defeat. Whatever does not support our growth must be left behind. This will give way to a process of initiation to expand our consciousness, renovate, and regenerate.

05 The Hierophant Affirmations Gifts Challenges.001

March will be very important to give tangible shape to our plans, dreams, and desires. Some may want to expand their education — going back to school or college, starting a new training or consulting, becoming an apprentice or mentor, student or teacher. This has the purpose of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to materialize in the outer world an idea or desire of our inner world. Creative projects, new businesses, and managerial jobs are favored this month. Any effort to be productive and bring stability to our lives will bear fruit. The keyword of the month is: commitment. Commitments are successful when mind, heart, and action are aligned and focused on an intention. When this does not occur, when one or all the parts are not willing to fully participate, the commitment breaks.

In March we must commit to trust our leadership, intuition, and child-like curiosity. Let’s listen to our inner voice and go into the spiritual world with practical feet in our daily lives. We must find the sacred within us and within others. Let’s behave with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

01 ARIES.001ARIES (March 22 – April 20)

Home and family issues seem to be stable and happy. But that’s the problem; it’s all appearances. This month you must face those issues you have avoided to prevent dramas and quarrels. Sit down and talk objectively with your partner. Make sure to communicate clearly in such way that the message is delivered and received to make smart decisions together. There are short trips, moving to a new home, a new job, or a change of environment. It may hurt to get rid of some old roots but knowing it is for the better will soothe the pain. Keep your promises and commitments. Be loyal and responsible.

02 TAURUS.001TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

In times of solitude, you feel sad and dissatisfied. You cry at night because of the emptiness inside, fear of loneliness and poverty, and feelings of powerlessness. During the day, you reject anything offered to you because either you don’t want it or you’re not satisfied. It’ll be important to use your time alone for introspection, listening to your inner voice, and discover what is it that you really want. A wise woman will help you discover that hidden, dark side you’re afraid of facing to give meaning to your life. You’ll attract plenty of lovers but only those with essence and mystery will stay.

03 GEMINI.001

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

In March, you have the challenge to overcome your fears and your pessimism from all your new endeavors. Remember that they’re only negative ideas created by your mind to stop you. Nonetheless, your attitude is one of progress and movement. You have the emotional strength to not be deceived by those mental games. You know its tricks. Observe your emotions without judging them; feel them and set them free. You have learned not to bottle up your emotions and to express with authenticity. This month you solve issues related to motherhood, whether it’s you want to have a child, developing new projects, or have an unresolved issue with your mother.

04 CANCER.001CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

March has the potential to be a transcendental month if you keep a positive attitude. You’ll receive unexpected surprises that make your false sense of security crumble. Because of this experience, you’ll be able to move forward with authenticity. On one hand, you feel you have put yourself together but, on the other hand, worry sabotages that feeling. The fear of scarcity in health, finances, relationships, and work doesn’t let you focus on the present moment. Worry takes you to the future or the present, but it is the present you need to tend to. Difficulties will help you anchor your feet to the ground to face them and solve them. Analyze which of your parents has a nature and pattern of worry and break that lineage. Faith in yourself will help you learn you do have the power over your destiny because all you want is in your hands to get it.

05 LEO.001LEO (July 24 – August 23)

Your burning desire for success can be satisfied if you focus and work hard for it. You’ll be able to share your earnings with others. You’ll receive money from a protector, inheritance or legal settlement. Nurture those things you want to grow in your life. Beware of hiding under excess of work to avoid facing unpleasant and unresolved issues. If you do, you may loose opportunities and power. You must set yourself free from patterns of oppression and restrictions, both those imposed by yourself and others, in order to express fully your power and being. The success in every aspect of your life depends on it.

06 VIRGO.001VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)

In March you gather the necessary courage to stay true to what you want. You don’t compromise anymore what’s important for you nor settle for less. Now you can see things with clarity and honor your vision and creativity, specially in career matters. Trust your intuition and past experiences. Make sure to do things with integrity. If your mind, heart, and action are not aligned with the same purpose, it’s a sign you should wait until the alignment takes place, specially in important decisions your making about your relationships. In March you begin to gestate those things that have been incubating for sometime that concur with your identity. You may make changes in your lifestyle, identity, and projects you’re involved to achieve it.

07 LIBRA.001LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

Reflect on past relationships and how those experiences help you reevaluate with clarity your present relationships. You still feel sadness, loss, and grief for an old love or you know that an existing relationship must end but you’re not ready to break up. This disillusionment will help you be more objective. Your spring cleaning must be focused on who must stay in your life and who doesn’t, whether it’s family, a spouse, a business partner, or friendships. If they don’t contribute constructively to your growth, they should not stay in your life. Make objective decisions, emotions aside. Use this month to solve unfinished business with others and take some time alone to get centered. Your relationships must align with new attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts. Develop your intuition and creative expression.

08 SCORPIO.001SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

This month you begin to learn and implement emotional integrity, the ability to express your emotions from integrity and trust instead of control. You’re attracted to passionate relationships, of total, deep union. Curiously, you’re not able to surrender completely and get lost in the infinite of love and passion because of your fear of loosing control and power over the relationship and yourself. This takes you to an unending dissatisfaction in your relationships and to an addiction to be with someone emotionally and/or sexually. You jump from one relationship to the next without taking time to be alone. If you don’t give everything of you, you can’t receive everything from the other. You receive in proportion to what you give. In March, you resolve important issues and learn emotional lessons in your life to break old patterns. New people enter your life who will join you in new paths to explore. You’ll never find in another what you should find within yourself.

09 SAGITTARIUS.001SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 22)

March will be a hyperactive month in your professional, sexual, and spiritual life. You’ll focus on getting out of your way any restriction or obstacle that prevents you to achieve your goals and materialize your vision. Channel that shower of energy you have in a practical and productive way.  Analyze and define what do you want to know where to focus your efforts. You’ll have doubts about how to proceed on work, travel, or love opportunities. Choose those where you can express yourself in total freedom to break patterns of anxiety and frustration. It’s time to put order to chaos. Don’t put limits to your creativity. Open your heart, explore new roads, search for knowledge in transformational experiences. Exploring sex and spirituality is highlighted, as well as the intimate link with the other. It’s raining lovers, but none are serious relationships.

10 CAPRICORNCAPRICORN (December 23 – January 20)

Even though you feel stable in your professional life, your dissatisfied with your love life. You’re still grieving an old loss and the deep disappointment made you loose faith in love. Nonetheless, deep inside, you desire to unite with someone. In order to succeed, you need to open up your heart and go after love. Expressing your inner child through creativity in arts or sports will help you heal old wounds and develop enthusiasm. Being surrounded by young people will inspire you to take new paths and give a new twist to your life. The purpose of deception is to break patterns of disappointment that come from your parents and you carry from your childhood. Open the door to meaningful relationships, to trust, spontaneity, and unconditional love. You’ll recover the power within you, the inner light of your spirit. Be loyal and committed to your feelings.

11 AQUARIUS.001AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

March brings the chance to use your leadership and personal power to bring stability and security into your life. You’ll show responsibility and strength. When your mind, heart, and spirit are aligned with the same burning desire, you’ll move towards it to create tangible results. Your inspiration will motivate others and you’ll be rewarded with abundance. Clear communication in the right moment is the key to success. All work related to education, the media, the arts, and business will be highly favored this month. You have all the necessary tools to succeed. Use them wisely.

12 PISCES.001PISCES (February 20 – March 21)

Finally, this month you trust yourself and you feel complete. You feel loved and supported by your loved ones and yourself. You fully listen your inner voice and your heart is open to love, romance, and creativity. In March, you finish various creative projects you have been working on for a while. You feel in control of your destiny, of yourself, and of your emotions. Recent changes helped you achieve the present independence, peace, love, and dominion. Using good judgement has made you stronger. You enjoy a renovated passion and enthusiasm for all things in life. You overcome old fears and patterns. Trust your intuition. Right now, you’re simply happy.

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