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You have the chance in 2015 to break any behavioral pattern that destroys, limits, or enslaves you. You will identify which things, situations, or relationships prevent your progress and growth and you’ll take action. To be free, it is necessary to be humble, take off the mask of ego, and take a good look at the mirror. You must detach emotionally from yourself and take an objective look at everything around you. Having a different perspective will let you see clearly what is it that needs to change. You must take responsibility for your actions, since these situations have been created and allowed by yourself. Leaving behind old wounds is part of the process and most of the time you’ll be able to come to closure through forgiveness. Probably, unresolved situations or relationships from the past come back to show you those old patterns that need to be eliminated. Faith grows. You’ll have a new vision and idea about your life’s new direction. Any innovative, revolutionary and avant-garde idea has now the chance to take off. It’s time to do what you always wanted but never dared to. The approval of others is not so much of your interest anymore, but your self-approval is. Things move slowly but steady if you’re conscious about the transformational process you’re in. You must be willing to make some sacrifices. Be patient. These experiences happen to be more compassionate and accepting with yourself and others. If you do your part, you’ll be able to access the love and wisdom that lie within and express them freely. Acknowledge your priorities and commitments so you can act with integrity and honesty. It is then when you discover your light and share it with the world.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

The year starts with lots of social events and reunions. Enjoy them fully. Beware of excesses, specially to alcohol, addictions, and work. Your health could be seriously harmed if you don’t rest enough, if you’re overly stressed, and if you don’t spend enough time at home with family. Your loved ones will feel displaced, abandoned even, and you could lose them if you stay away from them. Problems can be solved by facing them, not by running away from them. Don’t destroy the good things you have. You are responsible for this situation. This year is crucial to establish your healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life: at work, in your relationships, and in health. Talking is as important as listening.

Love: If you’re single, you’ll meet someone special at a party or social event. Go out, have fun, and celebrate. Open up to love and intimacy. If you have a partner, the lack of rest and personal connection with your significant other can bring sexual and emotional dissatisfaction. Surrender.

Money: The year starts with abundance. Don’t overspend because you’ll need that money later. Save! Despite having a lot of work, there are projects delayed or take long to collect the money. Some may lose contracts or their job. Plan for the future, make an emergency plan, and get back to work.

Health: This year’s challenges can cause depression, unstable blood pressure, migraine or physical wear. Put time to rest into your daily routine, connect with nature, and take some time in solitude to recharge.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Your sources of stability strengthen this year. Businesses, family, and abundance grow. Selling or buying a home or business is favored. Some will move in together with their significant other. Make sure to make decisions with reason and common sense. Express yourself openly, clearly, and concisely. Get legal advice; agreements and legal documents become important. You’ll find new ways to maintain your income. There is no scarcity in your life. Plant well your roots.

Love: There are engagements, weddings, and children. Single Taurus people find a steady relationship and feel confident in romance. Change your look and stay well put at all times. It will increase your magnetism with your partner or possible love interests.

Money: Investments and partnerships look promising. Money grows because of good contracts or agreements, associations or marriage, if you do it wisely. Think things well, slowly, and seek legal advice so you make informed decisions. You’ll feel comfortable; nothing is missing.

Health: Healthy routines keep you in shape. Eat healthy, follow your work out regime, rest appropriately, and don’t let stress take the best of you. Defend well your boundaries and supply your own needs. This year is to maintain the balanced life reached in the past.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

You’re like fish in the water this year enjoying happiness and abundance earned by your hard work last year. Celebrate the fact that you’re  self-sufficient and surrounded by true love. Cultivate authentic friendships and relationships, full of complicity and innocence. Beware of your worst enemy, your negative thoughts. You can’t believe you finally have all you ever wanted and you think you’ll lose it all soon, specially those things related to love and finances. Remember you attract what you believe. Put a stop to self-sabotage.

Love: Have fun and enjoy love fully. Romance follows you all year long. There are many suitors for singles and lots of passion for those with a significant other. Intimacy and friendship wither partner bring you closer together. Work on it. There are possibly pregnancies or newborn babies in the family. Get out of your head that something is wrong. Everything is wonderful!

Money: You make a living in a fun job that utilizes the best of your talents. Finally, you find the ideal job for you which makes good profit. Be wise with your expenses. Share what you have with your loved ones. Don’t be afraid of poverty. You’re worthy of everything you have earned so far.

Health: Your good mood keeps you healthy. Beware of daily stress or excess of work. Plan to go out to nature to relax and recharge. Practice yoga and meditation. Use this year to master and calm your hyperactive mind.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

CANCER (June 21 – July 21)

This year rewards you with plenitude in all aspects of your life: financially, emotionally, professionally, spiritually, and physically. Use your communication and organizational skills to create abundance at work and at home. Make some time for rest with your family and enjoy your home. Develop your spiritual strength. There are new jobs, projects, and travels. Don’t be afraid of emotional or financial scarcity. Worrying is your worst enemy. No one can read your mind. Express yourself and ask for what you want. People understand each other by speaking up.

Love: You buy or move into a new home with your significant other and go on trips together. You plan on having children or pets. Take the initiative sexually. If you feel disconnection, create intimacy by visiting the place where you met, talking about your greatest fears and dreams, or simply look into each others’ eyes. Love doesn’t maintain itself. You must work on it.

Money: You enjoy a raise, bonus, pension, or inheritance. Use that money wisely and save. Don’t overspend. Discuss with your partner or significant others issues of finances and make agreements to avoid problems between you.

Healthy: This is your year to heal your physical, mental, and spiritual body. You’ll discover healing gifts with your hands or listening to others. Don’t let anxiety and worry to get to the extreme of making you sick. Both you and your environment need peace.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

You take risks by destroying masks, both your own and those of people around you. This year you define and honor your emotional limits. You’re tired of giving too much to those you love and those who abuse your kindness. This is your chance to respect yourself. You don’t have to  beg for love. Stay away from things or people you love in order to conquer your dreams, whether it is a new job or studying, for example. There is no time to stop and celebrate. You must go on.

Love: Time alone is invaluable. Some relationships break, others define their healthy boundaries of communication and respect. Don’t be afraid to express openly what you feel and think.

Money: Don’t overspend nor give away money, specially with family and loved ones. If it is not your responsibility, don’t do it. Each person is responsible for their part. Be practical, conservative, and austere with your finances. It is a good time to negotiate a raise of your salary or fees.

Health: Your mental and emotional health comes first. Beware of depression, stress, issues with your head or brain, and your respiratory system. Spending some time in solitude and in peace heals everything.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

This year’s challenge is expressing your creativity unapologetically, focus on your career, and keep your faith. It’ll be necessary to create the structures and routines you need to achieve your goals. You’ll live experiences where you are the teacher, guide or master for someone else, or you look for one to direct you. In the process of learning to be more disciplined, you may take it too far, feeling very rigid without giving yourself time for rest or distraction. This can backfire more than you think. Otherwise, distractions can make it more difficult for you to reach your dreams. The commitment is with yourself.

Love: Traditional relationships, marriage, and family life work better for you. Be careful of co-dependent relationships, love affairs, and getting stuck. Don’t do what is not honest; don’t be with whom you don’t want to be. Make sure to keep the fire of passion and love alive.

Money: Your job is your biggest source of income. Make a financial plan if you want to better your situation. Seek professional advice. Beware of wasting money on vices, lovers, or gambling.

Health: Take your health seriously. You won’t be young and healthy all your life. It’s time to quit vices and excesses, and follow a strict and healthy lifestyle. Visit your doctors for a routine check-up and make a plan to maintain your good health. Work on your mental and spiritual wellbeing, since most of your health issues are psychosomatic.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

You recover from difficult experiences from the past. Get back your lost self-esteem and take charge of your life. This year you achieve self-sufficiency and the recognition of your talents because of your discipline and efforts. Shine with your own light and count on the protection of your admirers and superiors alike. Your career grows. Don’t lose enthusiasm for life and for what you love to do. Express your inner child and don’t hesitate to try new things. Dare to take risks that get you closer to your goals.

Love: Relationships with your significant other become stronger. Some will marry and have children. Self-trust and the willingness to work for the love you want takes you to solid and longlasting relationships. Single people will meet someone who steals their hearts: love at first sight, a sweet adventure.

Money: Try something new, something you have never done before. It will result in new income and success. Use your resources wisely. Your intuition and creativity will tell you which new things you should try. Measured risk and constant effort will be fruitful. This new source of income will be constant and reliable.

Health: You have excellent health and physical strength. A good mood keeps you in optimal conditions. Any illness recovers suddenly. Natural remedies and contact with nature help you tremendously.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Focus on strengthening your spirit, whether by devoting yourself to your career, by traveling, or by diving into your spiritual quest. Whichever path you choose, it’ll serve to heal old wounds, specially those created by relationships — with a significant other, friends, coworkers, family, partners, or parents. You’re focusing only in the negative aspects of your past and you’re not seeing the big picture, which results in repeating patterns of self-sabotage. For each goal you set, you find six reasons why you tell yourself you’re not going to make it. This year, break any self-imposed, self-destructive behavioral pattern. Your negative thoughts and attitude are the only responsible of your disappointments and failures, which don’t let your feelings heal. Love, value, and trust yourself more.

Love: Relationships face big challenges this year. There are break-ups, separation, and big disappointments. Singles won’t have trouble attracting suitors, but it remains mainly in the sexual realm. The pain of old wounds prevents you from being able to maintain solid and long-lasting relationships. Focus on yourself. You’re better off on your own, even if you don’t like it. Beginning a new relationship too fast never ends up well for you.

Money: Don’t take big financial risks this year. Be conservative, save, and don’t overspend. Beware of scams and dishonest acts. Look for new sources of income, whether it’s a new job or abroad.

Health: Emotional and mental health are your priorities this year. Be careful with depression, feelings of abandonment and defeat. Psychological therapy and spirituality will be of great help to overcome your fears, self-sabotage patterns, and self-destructive behavior. Studying your childhood and your past will bring light to understand painful experiences of the past, learn from them, and leave them behind. Issues with your heart are a sign that you need to work on these issues.

09 SAGITARIO Carolina Espinosa

Ilustración por / Illustration by Carolina Espinosa

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

This year you face the biggest and eternal dilemma of your life: to follow the path of your mind or follow the path of your heart. Although you seem calm on the outside, the most violent battles are unleashed on the inside. You’ll make important decisions in all the aspects of your life, so your life takes a decisive turn. You will learn that when the mind and the heart agree, the right decision is clearly revealed. Relationships take center stage on 2015. Some end, others begin, some others get stronger. You’ll prioritize those relationships that are special and are based on equality. Practice the art of clear and honest communication. This year has big lessons on creativity, loyalty, commitment, and introspection. Go after those things that are fulfilling and use your practical side to put them to work for you. Yes, it is important to be objective but without invalidating your feelings. This year, your head and your heart make peace.

Love: Focus on meaningful relationships. Singles will find suitors but must discern if it’s something temporary or if it has the possibility to become a serious relationship. If you have a significant other, beware of affairs. Be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your love and express how you feel. Evaluate if this relationship fulfills your needs. Don’t wait for the other person to take the initiative. Take the first step.

Money: Use your talents to expand and develop your sources of income. Show up and let yourself be seen; promote your work more. Your creativity opens many doors. Listen to your heart and do it.

Health: Your kidneys, lower back, reproductive system, urinary system, or the intestines may be affected because of toxic relationships in your life. Once that situation is solved or eliminated from your life, the symptoms will disappear. Drink lots of water, exercise or practice some sport or discipline that uses breathing as the body’s motor. Express yourself openly to avoid respiratory problems.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

You put a stop to your patterns of self-criticism and self-punishment. Forgive yourself. Accept the fact that the mistakes or failures of your past have been your greatest teachers. These experiences have served to identify which opposite aspects within yourself need to be integrated: your side of light and your side of darkness. This year, define clearly your boundaries and territory for yourself and others. Honor them at all times. Trust your faith and your talents. You’ll fight against your disappointments, worries, anxieties, and sense of defeat, all of which are a product of your mind. You will notice that, finally, the pieces fall into place, both on the inside and around you. Negotiations and expanding your networks will help you achieve your dreams and ideas. This is the perfect moment. You’ll be motivated to face your challenges by using your talents and by inspiring others to do the same.

Love: Your own fears and worries don’t let you open up and express your self. Don’t be afraid to share your being with someone else. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Your worst enemy is fear of intimacy, and yet, it is intimacy and surrender what you want the most. There is someone special, full of wisdom and love who brings you the opportunity to live a healing and transformative experience that will help you forgive yourself, love yourself even more, and be more authentic. This is your chance to experience unconditional love and even find your soulmate.

Money: Don’t be afraid to invest in something you want. You are wise with your money. Enough money has been saved to materialize a dream: buying a home, open a business or foundation, retire. Don’t be afraid of scarcity or poverty. Count on an endless source of abundance.

Health: This is an excellent year to quit any addictions you may have, to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Following medical treatments and a healthy routine promises positive results.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 17)

It’s time to work to achieve what you want this year. Your job, investments, and efforts will be fruitful. Sometimes you’ll feel you’re on your own, but it’s not true. Make sure to prioritize your duties. Discipline and order are determining to define your results, if you succeed or if you fail. Your achieved happiness and satisfaction are celebrated in family. You may think of moving in with your significant other, getting married, or buying a home. You’ll plant your roots. Acknowledge that you’re able to achieve the abundance you desire if you have the courage to work hard for it. No one and nothing stops you.

Love: Make some time of your busy schedule to spend time with your partner. You may prefer to spend more time at home. Plans to build your nest are favored, whether it’s having children, moving to a new home or formalize your relationship. This year, you plant deep roots.

Money: This year you find new opportunities of income. You must earn your money with lots of hard work. You’ll be able to buy a property, will want to get insurance, or will save for your future.

Health: Keep your good health with a healthy diet. You may want to start or expand an exercise routine that keeps you strong and in shape. Spending some days of rest at home or at the countryside will do wonders for you.

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

Illustration by / Ilustración por Carolina Espinosa

PISCES (February 18 de febrero – 19 de marzo)

You find financial, emotional, and health stability in 2015. Make the decision to conclude any unresolved issue to bring closure and feel ready to start anew. Job situations and relationships are transformed by your initiative. Celebrate reached goals and overcome obstacles. Relationships commit. Building your own nest, your family, and home take center stage. Beware of false expectations and false illusions. Not everything is what it seems. Don’t let your fantasies prevent you from being able to see reality as it is.

Love: You acknowledge your self-love and self-value. Learn to be happy by yourself, on your own, and see others just as they are. You’ll be able to discern reality from fantasy with authentic and healthy relationships.

Money: Professional and financial stability are achieved. Celebrate big time your professionals achievements. Don’t overspend. Be clear about what is necessary for you and what is not.

Health: Pay attention to your depression and to which addictions you recur to feel better: eating too much, compulsive shopping, excessive drinking, smoking, using drugs or promiscuity. These are ways to escape the fact that you should face those situations that require to be resolved or concluded. Be careful not to fall into self-destructive patterns that affect your health and that don’t contribute to a better quality of life.

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