Want a Better Year? Take This Sweet Bath!

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Bath roses baño rosasThis Sweet Bath attracts the sweetness of life.

This is a powerful bath used to attract love, good fortune and the sweetness of life. It is usually done on New Years Eve or on your birthday. You can also do this bath with your mate to strengthen your love and drink the rest of the champagne, if you like. You can also light a pink candle to attract love, a green candle to attract money, or a white candle to attract anything you like. Next to a red candle, it helps to get results faster. Put all your wishes and intentions in the candle and let burn completely.

3 green apples cut in 4
3 red apples cut in 4
the petals of 12 roses (any color)
cloves (as many as you like)
cinnamon sticks (as many as you like)
7 drops of vanilla extract (do not use imitation)
3 tablespoons of sugar
1 glass of champagne (optional)
1 soap of sandalwood or honey (do not use imitation)

Boil all the ingredients, except the champagne, with enough water until it starts to smell. Collate and let cool. Take a shower with the sandalwood or honey soap thinking about all the things you are leaving behind and rinse. Pour the prepared bath over your head or submerge completeley (including your head) in a bathtub with the prepared bath thinking of all the new, sweet things that will come to you from now on. If you like to rest for awhile in the bath, use that time to imagine exactly what you wish for (ex.: all the characteristics of a new love, a new job, etc). Feel happy as if your dreams are already a reality.

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