Tarot Horoscope: November 2014

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November will be the month to dominate our fears, take control over challenging situations, and persuade destiny to achieve our dreams. We’ll see how businesses and projects flourish while taking all of our time. We must be strategic and smart to handle all the activity that is getting out of hand. Asking for help and managing well your resources, whether human or financial, will be crucial to stay afloat during an unexpected and exponencial growth. In love, seduction will take us far. Whether sick or healthy, we must rest appropriately to recharge and maintaing our energy. Excess brings consequences which, if not avoided, must be handled and will delay goals set for the month. Our dreams are becoming alive. Now it’s time to give them direction.

01 ARIESARIES (March 20 – April 19)

You collect a pending debt, receive a pension, inheritance or benefit. Enjoy with your family the money you receive and save some for your future. It’s a good time for the vacation and rest you wanted so long. Be sensible with your decision-making. Be clear with your words. The world is not against you. Go after what you want and fill the cup in all the aspects of your life. In love, you should take the first step.

02 TAURUSTAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

You become aware of your attachments: a vice, an unhealthy relationship, a draining job. You know that, even if it’s painful, you must end this situation but the right time is not now. You must wait. Your job and duties absorb all of your time. For now, there’s no time to rest and take a break. Rest assured that all your efforts will bear fruit. The time for harvest is near.

03 GEMINIGEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

November surprises you with a shock that changes everything, specially in love. Whatever crumbles is a false illusion of a sense of stability. You must confront those situations that were ignored in the past and that now are creating the current chaos. This will serve to discuss with the other part what is it that you want and accept and what you don’t. As long as you can communicate openly from a place of love and create honest agreements, the relationship will become stronger.

04 CANCERCANCER (June 21 – July 21)

You receive a raise, start a new job with better salary, or a new business with good income takes off. Now you know your worth as a professional and as a person. Your health improves. Beware of pessimism and fear. Everything around you only gives you reasons to celebrate and be happy but you insist on focusing on what you lack. Everything that is causing you frustration and sadness right now is fruit of your imagination. Stop sabotaging your happiness with unnecessary drama.

05 LEO

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

You earn money from a case won in court, you collect a pending debt, or a protector gives you some money you need. Whatever it is, Divine Justice gives you back what belongs to you. New projects promise success and abundance. Agreements with investors are of great importance. Every new beginning will bear fruit. Enjoy and celebrate each moment like a child. Never lose your enthusiasm and awe for life.

06 VIRGOVIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Important contracts are signed and Divine Justice is on your side. There are new businesses, partnerships, or marriage. This month, make the plan for your new ideas and projects, as well as travels for your near future. What starts today will be long-lasting bringing financial gain and personal satisfaction. Celebrate that now you are in control of your destiny, that the path to follow is clear, and that you are respected as an authority.

07 LIBRALIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This month you shine like a star exuding confidence and charm. You realize you don’t have to please everyone to get their approval, but what really matters is if your self-approval. Every new project has the blessing to be successful since you have all the tools to succeed. Likewise, your able to overcome any obstacle. Use your good judgement to make important decisions. Documents and written communication are of vital importance.

08 SCORPIOSCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

An affectionate man will teach you to express your emotions openly and honestly. Keeping them for yourself has caused such rigidity that it has intoxicated your inner being. Celebrate your success and recognition, specially those in your professional life. Nonetheless, you are not completely satisfied. You must defeat your visible and invisible enemies. Sometimes, your worst enemy is yourself and your insatiable ego demands more each time. Your own self is pushing you away from what you most desire. Be careful not to sabotage your own happiness.

09 SAGITTARIUSSAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

Finally, you see the horizon of your goals. The path to be taken is revealed right before you. Now you know your promise land. All you need to do is start walking. This month you’ll be overwhelmed with work and duties. With order and strategy you’ll be able to check things off the list on time and effectively. Expectations and stress are big. A forced resting time happens as a consequence of sickness or exhaustion. You feel depleted. Give yourself permission to rest and recover your energy. As soon as you feel better, go back to work.

10 CAPRICORNCAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

Your choices seem confusing, specially in love. Some things are not quite what they seem. Beware of false expectations and false illusions. What this reveals is your broken heart. Remember that not every person who enters your life are going to hurt you. Some will be there to help you heal your wounds. Focus on discovering who is authentic and honest, and who is not. Using work as your refuge doesn’t solve anything. The cargo is not as heavy as it seems. Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Get organized and be patient with yourself.

11 AQUARIUSAQUARIUS (January 20 – February 17)

There are travels for professional or family matters this month. Take risks in your career and your sexual life. In November, family comes first with important celebrations and reunions. Discuss with your partner in an honest and loving way how to make your own nest, whether it is buying a new home, having children, or getting married. Focus on your goals. You are destined to succeed as long as you maintain a perfect balance between duty and pleasure. The stars protect you.

12 PISCESPISCES (18 de febrero – 19 de marzo)

Focus on your duties, your projects, and your art. The chaos of the exterior world doesn’t distract nor trouble you. You do your own thing. Love knocks your door, ideas overflow, and happiness overwhelms you. Sit down on the throne of love. You now know that what you have been searching all your life has always resided in your heart. The answer has always been within. Now you can share what you feel and enjoy with someone who shares your vision of the world and of life. You are the pilot.

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