Solar Eclipse: October 23, 2014

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This solar eclipse is quite particular because it indicates great transformations during the next six months in intimate relationships. It occurs at 0º 25′ of Scorpio at 5:58 pm, Atlantic Time (UTC -4) on October 23, 2014. Eclipses present themselves as moments of crisis and by happening in Scorpio, it is precisely through constant crisis where self-knowledge and self-mastery can be achieved. Some aspect of life crumbles and must be rebuilt. Some crisis in life announces some kind of death and the need to establish a new life.

The Moon in Scorpio eclipses the Sun in Scorpio near the North Node in Libra. The challenge is to get closer to those authentic and meaningful relationships while pulling away from superficial ones. The fear of vulnerability can be lost by recognizing it as a quality of power instead of weakness. There will be times with intense emotions, which serve as a channel of expression and contact with others. This is necessary to destroy old values and build new ones, to actualize our own emotional and spiritual needs, and to discern which relationships are worthy of having a place in our lives and which don’t.

This season is characterized for discovering where our source of personal power lies. Expressed negatively, there may be those who manipulate others to gain a position of power by focusing on the other’s weaknesses to control him and create dependence on them. This occurs because subconsciously they fear their power to be taken away by another point of view or by another person who differs or challenges their identity. Expressed positively, these people can use their knowledge to understand and motivate others by empowering them, instead of controlling them. That way, they will attract relationships where the other person motivates them to do the same, to gain self-mastery through self-knowledge and heal their own wounds. That way, they can attract the dreamed partner, someone who loves them for who they are, knows and understand them perfectly.

Solar Eclipse: October 23, 2014

Solar Eclipse: October 23, 2014

With the conjunction of the eclipse with Venus, beware of melodramatic situations, jealousy, secrets, loss, abandonment, and betrayal. Fear, sex, and money are the typical weapons used to gain power over someone else. Any attempt to dominate someone or a situation will unleash a war where the abuser, sooner or later, will loose that which he desires. Venus in Scorpio offers the opportunity to remove all source of external dependency. Those who find themselves in the position of the victim, must find their inner power to face their abuser, remembering that their violence and abuse of power comes from their own fears. People and relationships can heal by exposing their fears and worries honestly so that both parties can agree to complement each other and unite in a healthy relationship that allows for growth and evolution in freedom. Trust is earned and will be the barometer to measure where to invest time, money, and effort. It’s time to risk that which represents security and the doors of communication must be wide open. As long as both parties share the same values, intimate and healthy unions can take place where they share resources to achieve a common goal. This can be achieved when each individual reaches emotional, spiritual, and intellectual self-sufficiency. In the meantime, the game of power will dominate the environment.


Use the next six months to evaluate your relationships. If you are single, look for someone with the same values as yours and with the same desire to grow. Go after meaningful relationships. If you have a partner, you must decide if the relationship can go on or not. If it does, find ways to deepen the relationship. Sex becomes a way to create a transforming, spiritual and emotional bond. To unite with honesty, vulnerability, and to freely and openly express emotions can only result in wonderful relationships.


This is the moment to pay off debt, to invest, and to plan for new businesses. Relationships with financial institutions will be available to facilitate financing towards your goals. Be wise while making your financial plans to achieve your dreams, buy your home, start your new business with a partner, getting married, or going to college. Follow the path towards self-sufficiency or extend it to affluence.


To heal or to die are the only two available options. Psychological therapy, self-knowledge, and your spiritual journey can help to heal in a holistic way any health issue. Alternative medicine plays an important role towards healing. Take special care of the reproductive system. Diseases will be discovered; an unexpected diagnose is revealed. Some people with chronic diseases will heal miraculously. These experiences provide the opportunity to transform your life. Your recovery depends on that transformation or the lack of it.


Go ahead and take the first step towards what you want: your dream business, changing career paths, or deepening in your current career. Recover the passion for your job. Do what’s meaningful for you and give your all. Do everything with love. This is the moment to take risks, finding the perfect partner and the necessary financing. Don’t let your fears stop you.

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