Tarot Horoscope: October 2014

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18 La LunaTHE MOON

The Moon arcana invites you to walk into the mystery of the occult and the unknown. This month has many challenges in store which require all your focus and will leave you exhausted at the end. The Moon reminds you that everything in life is uncertain, that you must keep your faith in the chosen path and that the only thing known about that path is the next step. For many, this will be a month to evaluate and redefine their own identity, how to project themselves to the world, and how they are accepted or rejected. There may be makeovers – a new outfit or hairdo – and new attitudes to highlight certain traits and hide others. It’s time to try on new masks. Relationships and career will be evaluated. Deceit and secrets will be revealed while pretending to have a perfect reputation. Be careful with any new opportunity or person that shows up this month. Communication will be blurry, incomplete, and unclear. October will be specially positive to develop intuition and work with the psyche, like psychological therapy or hipnosis. Use this time to understand your innermost wounds and heal them. Anything mysterious, like magic, shamanism, astrology and Tarot becomes quite attractive. Be careful with your motivations. Even though diving into your own darkness to heal is positive, you must be careful whom you trust and who helps you out. Some will do it because they genuinely wants to help. Others will do it to get intimate personal information from you and eventually use it to manipulate you and gain power over you. Nothing is what it seems. Be suspicious of everyone and everything until they confirm being a trustworthy and loyal source. Trust only your inner voice, the one that says, “go on, you can do it”. Be patient! This month promises to be quite intense, since the ties created with others and your own spirit are very strong and, meanwhile, other ties break definitely in a painful way. Comprehend the fact that these experiences are necessary to grow, keep on moving, and let die once and for all that thing of the past that limits your evolution. Courage and valor in the heart are a must, since you’ll face your greatest fears, that which you thought defined you and now understand it doesn’t. A rebirth of your own self emerges from the dark. You’ll discover if the planted seeds will germinate or not. Remember, the night is its darkest right before sunrise.

01 ARIESARIES (March 20 – April 19)

Even though this is a difficult month, it’s not impossible. Unexpected health and/or financial issues arise and make you feel defeated. You must think and act in a different way to avoid being stuck. You’ll discover which attitudes and beliefs of yours prevent you from progressing beyond what you have achieved so far in order to conquer new horizons. Be careful not to overspend unnecessarily. Don’t participate in quarrels with your significant other to avoid saying something you may want to take back a little too late. Don’t get depressed and don’t give up. Use this month of October to make plans and plant the seeds of your new endeavors. Take a risk and reignite old, forgotten ideas.

02 TAURUSTAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Celebrate the achievements and love that constantly surround you. In October you cultivate the fruit of successful endeavors. You get paid for your good business. Important ties and unions are created, such as new partnerships or marriage proposals. It will be important to make agreements with fairness and love. If these are your motives, any pending legal matter will be resolved in your favor. You must discriminate and recognize who is a true friend and who uses you and deceives you. You’ll realize how fortunate you are for having so many loving and authentic people in your life.

03 GEMINIGEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Any pending plans or proposals start moving in October. Take the initiative on your ideas and defend them. There are travels, new contacts and businesses abroad or with foreigners. Expand your horizons and possibilities. Unlike in the past, you’ll feel in charge of your own destiny and not at the mercy of fate. Face unapologetically your fears and don’t be afraid of using your persuasion to achieve your goals. You successfully close old chapters in your life. You have everything you need to succeed. The world is in your hands and at your feet. Take advantage of that.

04 CANCERCANCER (June 21 – July 21)

Your worst enemy in October is your mind making you believe you are in a precarious situation with no way out. Guess what, it’s not true! Make sure to focus on your career, your job, your sexuality and your spiritual security. You don’t survive, you succeed. There will be many reasons to stand out and celebrate. You won’t lack lovers. Any correspondence, communication, or document will be of vital importance. Keep all your papers in order, make sure everything is written and to use a mediator if necessary. Many tests arise, whether it’s studies, cases in court, money transactions or communication exchange. For now, trust your head more than your heart.

05 LEOLEO (July 22 – August 22)

October has the potential to change your life, as long as you focus and learning and your spiritual growth. Organize your life to adjust your needs, not others’ needs. You can’t leave everything in the planning stage. You must make your plan of action and make it happen. Studying, commitment, family, and tradition are most important right now. There may be marriages, new businesses, new partners and new agreements. You start something new with a child’s enthusiasm. Be in awe with the wonders of life. Take a risk and approve yourself instead of looking for the approval of others. A wise woman will give you good advice.

06 VIRGOVIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You make new goals in October by going back to old, abandoned planes. Identify your possibilities and choose where you want to go. Even though you’re full of enthusiasm and positive energy, you must beware not to cling to false expectations and illusions. Not everything is what it seems. This month you may be limited or enslaved by a frustrating situation. Be patient and accept that if things take longer than you thought it’s because now is not the right time. Develop your plans but don’t get them started yet. You must cut the chains that limit you: a vice, an enslaving relationship, an unsatisfying job. Take care of your health and don’t make any important decision until your options are clear.

07 LIBRALIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Focus on your health and your finances this month. The circumstances will help you reach your goals. Value your job with fairness and you will receive the abundant reward you deserve. You may have a raise if you ask for it, receive the payment of pending debts, and doors open to new businesses. Life is just to you in October and everything changes for better. You start a positive chapter of comfort, abundance, and health. Move towards being auto-sufficient and responsible for your actions and decisions without blaming others. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

08 SCORPIOSCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

October presents the chance to start a new path in your career and your spirituality. You define a new, unique road to take. Take a well deserved rest to reflect and start your plans later. A wise, smart woman will be very important this month. If you’re single, enjoy of ephemeral love encounters with no commitments. If you’re committed, you’ll bounce between moments of passion and moments of distance. Communicate clearly and unapologetically without judgement, both when you’re speaking and when you’re listening. Stop manipulating others convincing them to do, say, or think like you so that later, when they want out, pretend being surprised. You create most of your problems.

09 SAGITTARIUSSAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

You receive some money you need through a pension, inheritance or a case won in court. Someone protects you emotional and economically or you protect someone else. In October, let your talents flow abundantly into the light. Lead your own way and don’t look back. Trust that you have everything to succeed and progress. New personal and professional beginnings arise this month. Get ready for sudden and unexpected changes. Your false illusions of security crumble. False friends and relationships end. Deceits are uncovered and the truth is revealed. Circumstances are in your favor. Sorrows are over. You are not at will of fate, but you create your own destiny with each step, at every instant. Trust yourself and fasten your seat belts. October will feel like a crazy roller coaster ride.

10 CAPRICORNCAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

Rest assured that you’re surrounded by love from friends, family, or a significant other. You are unconditionally supported and you transpire that sense of security. Use this month to reflect and make important personal decisions, specially about your emotions. There are old wounds that need to be healed and you must let yourself listen to your inner voice. You don’t like to feel like you loose control, but there are overflowing emotions within you that need to be expressed. Speaking with someone you trust or writing your feelings on a diary will be helpful. Speak clearly, share your ideas and desires if you want them to come true. You’ll be supported. Studies, legal matters, and important contracts will resolve successfully. Everything will turn to your favor if you communicate with intelligence and clarity.

11 AQUARIUSAQUARIUS (January 20 – February 17)

October is full of romance and love for you. Children inspire you to take your inner child out to play. Laugh, sing, dance. Take a big risk and compromise to what you want: the career you’re passionate about, the love of your life. Move everything in your life to make way for the new. You’ll receive job or love offers. Be honest with yourself. Show some integrity. Be emphatic when setting your boundaries. Focus all your energy on what you want and enjoy life. For the first time you realize how fortunate you are. You lack nothing. You have everything money cannot buy and more.

12 PISCESPISCES (February 18 – March 19)

You’re excited about devoting yourself to your goals and dreams, celebrating everything. You are where you are right now because of your experiences, which make you feel more confident about yourself and your decisions. There’s a world of possibilities in your hands. You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed, as if you’re at the bottom of a well but because of those past dark times, you’re overflowing with endless creativity, inspiration, self-love, love for someone special and love for life. Fall in love with your life, with every breath, with every mundane thing because you are learning to enjoy the little things in life. You are focused on the vision of your own future. If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you. You are your own savior.

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