Tarot Horoscope: July 2014

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4 El EmperadorIn July, we start to see our projects progress, specially those that seemed to be stuck. The Emperor reminds us to keep discipline, focus, and effort so we don’t waste the momentum we’ve been waiting for and finally arrived. On one hand, it will be crucial to plan the rest of the year with detail so we turn time into an ally. On the other hand, it is vital to keep in mind that we will achieve anything we have intended if we face our fears and doubts, and work hard. We must not let emotions dominate ourselves, but know how to channel them effectively. Start making those sacrifices you have been postponing: the exercise routine, the diet, an unfinished project. It is time to wrap up details, let go anything that is not needed anymore, and conclude any unresolved situation of our present or past. Our leadership will be required to solve conflicts. For some, a time of austerity starts to achieve certain goals, whether it’s lowering expenses or saving money for a trip, to invest in your business, or to buy a home. July will be an active month for business. Don’t forget to express and supply for your own needs. Even though The Emperor appears to be arid and strict, in his heart lies a noble and tender soul in need of love. Be aware of which aspect of your life is lacking nurturing, love, and attention. You don’t need to pretend to be strong. We all need love. In our vulnerability lies our true power. Let’s accept our humanity with compassion.


ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

July promises to be very busy. Some change jobs or start their own business. Others travel looking for a new meaning for their lives. In any case, you need to take the initiative to change something that doesn’t satisfy you anymore. You’re looking for new opportunities anywhere, even under the rocks, since you’re worried about your emotional and financial stability. Beware of making decisions impulsively. Think things through. You have a lot of work to do and barely have time to rest. There are many situations to face this month. Don’t hide behind your work to avoid them. Prioritize your plan of action to solve everything in a timely manner. If work is overwhelming you, you may not see some of the opportunities you are expecting. Organize, focus, and be prepared.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Take a well-deserved rest this month. Get away from discussions, stress, and conflicts. July will help you to get rid of anything that does not serve you anymore and has served its purpose: things, people, situations. Start decluttering your closets and drawers at home. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Then, start with yourself. Let go of anything that is not productive, does not nurture you nor make you happy. Accumulating so many things is suffocating. Traveling, meeting new people and learning new philosophies will be good for you. Renew yourself and give a new meaning to your life. What is bogging you down is that which you are attached to. Both being stuck or to progress is in your hands. Don’t be afraid to make some changes in your life. It’s for your own good.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

You achieve your professional goals by following the direction and advice of a mentor or guide. Feeding your soul has helped you to focus on your goals and to develop discipline. You have been free of distractions and now you see the results. You feel empowered and trust more your inner voice. There are new jobs, promotions, travels, and spiritual discoveries. You can feel the distance between you and your partner. There is a lack of intimacy, communication, and demonstrations of affection. One is very rigid and the other, very adventurous. One can give the other what he or she lacks and needs. There is nothing more sad than unexpressed love. Rescue those little things that made you fall you in love for the first time. Fall in love daily. It’s the discipline to maintain love alive.


CANCER (June 21 – July 21)

Enjoy happiness, abundance, and love. This summer renews you with new energy. Romance is in the air. Someone – or several – is interested in you. If you’re in a relationship, your partner is more in love than ever. Enjoy the little, beautiful things you receive every day. Not everything has to be pompous to be special. Celebrate everything. You know every single thing is ephemeral and if you don’t take those moments to be present, they’ll pass. Take some time to reflect upon what you have and what you have achieved. Be grateful. Then, analyze well your plans for the future and set new goals. You are in a moment of personal transition. Be aware that everything is in your hands. The power of your decisions can change the course of your life. You are the boss.

05 LEO

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

The start of a new cycle in your life lets you see it with awe, as if you’re discovering everything for the first time. Keep that attitude, the wonder for the little and big things of life. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express yourself whole-heartedly. You’ll enjoy many happy moments with your family and loved ones. Admire the beauty around you, whether it’s nature or art. July will keep you somewhat busy and it’ll seem there is no time to rest. It’s those little moments to give thanks what will energize you. Don’t hesitate to defend and define your territory agains any person, thing, or situation that invades it. If you yield, they’ll conquer your kingdom. Fight for it, Leo. You are the lion, the king of the jungle, and kings are not intimidated by anything or anyone.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

July gives you a month of love and romance. Someone special offers you his or her honest friendship and unconditional love. Pay special attention to the small demonstrations of affection. Listen attentively and express yourself freely. Artistic or creative endeavors will be very important. Many new ideas come, others develop further. Trust your intuition, your inspiration, and your inner voice. Do not over-analyze things. Surrender. Fall in love with your life, with yourself, with everything you do, but most importantly, do everything with love. You realize you are the author of the emotional stability you have been looking for and that you have now. It’s all a matter of attitude. The world is not your enemy and it’s not here to persecute you, but to provide everything necessary for you to be happy.


LIBRA (September 23 – Octubre 22)

Trusting, happy, and achieved. That’s how you feel in July. Professional achievements and the support of your loved ones give you that unbreakable self-trust. Despite all that, you feel a void. Something is missing. Go after love in your relationships and at work. Trust your heart. Stop deceiving yourself. You know what limits you. You don’t have to be a prisoner of it if you are willing to break the chains that enslave you. To get where you want, you have to leave behind things, beliefs, situations, or relationships that prevent you from getting there. The fear of pain is your only enemy. If you don’t let it stop you, you have everything to win. Postponing problems and not facing them only make things worse.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Clear ideas and communication is crucial in July. You can see clearly a vision in your head but the challenge is to articulate it in such a way that others can see the same as you so you can understand each other. The most important moments this month will be those you spend in solitude. Visit your light and your darkness, you angels and your demons. Your fears will pay you a visit filling you of doubt and taking you on the side road of ideas and decisions, preventing you from seeing the opportunities that lie right in front of you. Winning the battle to the mental game is not easy, but you can do it. Things are not the way you want them to be nor the way you believe they should be. You don’t have all the answers nor know the Divine Master Plan. Put your heart in everything you do. Inspiration and love knock on your door. Don’t be afraid to open it.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

You experience a rebirth in July. Open your eyes and realize you are not defeated and you didn’t give up. Dare to take charge of your life, to live it and enjoy it fully. Old friends you haven’t seen in a long time reappear; you visit old places you haven’t been in a while; you go back to old routines, hobbies, and labor that you haven’t done in years. There is a calling to use those gifts you have locked in a drawer for too long now. Don’t be afraid. The path to the future is very unclear. Surrender to the unknown, to the darkness of the night. The moonlight can indicate only the next step to take. What’s important is that you take that step. Look at it as a white canvas on which you can paint whatever you want, a doodle or a masterpiece. Pay attention to dreams, visions, and the occult because they’ll give you valuable information.


CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

Many changes mark this month of July for you. There will be short trips, moving to a new home, but the most significant changes are the ones that occur in the subtlety of your everyday life. You wish to heal and leave behind old wounds and hurtful memories that you still carry around. Running away from them can only give you a temporary sense of relief. Somehow you need a resolution of old situations that, most probably, can only occur inside of you through understanding. Moments of introspection and in nature can help you plant the seed of peace that you seek. Take care of you health avoiding excesses and tensions. Focus on your wellbeing. Enjoy every moment as if it were the last. You’ll know true self-love and, maybe, the true love of someone special.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 17)

You fight against your visible and invisible enemies this month. Don’t let anxiety and fear to take over you. There are new opportunities for employment, professional progress, and personal growth. Follow the advice of a mentor, friend, or masculine figure you respect. It’ll make a big difference. Trust your instinct and use your energy wisely. Exercise, sleep well and wake up early to channel the excess of energy you have which blurs your focus. Everything you want can be easily achieve if you work hard with lots of discipline. Develop a daily routine. Every day you’ll see a little progress that little by little will help you reach your goals. Constancy is the magic word.


PISCES (February 18 – March 19)

Discernment is the most useful quality for you in July. Separate what is useful for you from what is not, whether it’s habits, relationships, possessions, or beliefs. Words flow clearly. You not only are looking for new sources of income, but you also discover your self-worth. Look for what nurtures you. Spend some time with yourself to take care of yourself. Give yourself your own needs, don’t expect someone to do it for you. To be self-sufficient becomes a priority. To value yourself and your work will change your financial situation as well as the relationships you attract. Use this month to analyze your options and make decisions wisely. Creative projects and your partner take most of your time and your mind. Focus on what is productive. Don’t be afraid to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

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