Tarot Horoscope: October 2013

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02 La Sacerdotisa

With autumn, The Hight Priestess opens to us the doors of our emotions, desires, and needs in October. The answers we’re looking for will not be found in external sources but in the depths our inner self. It will be essential to dedicate time for reflection, silence and meditation with the purpose of discovering, developing, and expressing our true nature. Let’s tell our loved ones how much we love them, but more than knowing it, they must feel it because that knowing does not come from the mind but from the heart. Nothing will show it better than our actions, no matter how small they are. Romances flourish and the seeds of our dreams are planted, which can manifest in pregnancies or in planning big endeavors. Ideas ignited by the fire of initiative get alive with the waters of emotion to then manifest with actions in our reality. Let’s focus on those projects that are meaningful to us, that we’re passionate about, and that express our selves and our feelings. Let’s start those creative ideas that originate from our inspiration and intuition. That is our inner fire expressing itself. Let’s let it shine and let ourselves be happy. Let’s accept our true selves with its dark side and its bright side. There is the key to wisdom, good judgement and creative capacity. Remember that life is a cycle and we must reconnect with the feminine energy that this month opens the doors to darkness, mystery, and transformation.

ARIES (March 20 – April)

October calls you to recover your inner strength. Various challenging experiences have drained you. You cannot react nor be impulsive, but respond with consciousness and patience. It will be crucial to take care of your wellbeing. You’ll receive news about health, finances or your assets. Any venture related to agriculture, real estate or nature will be profitable, like the sell or purchase of a business or home, for example. Beware of stealing, deceit, and betrayal. Once you decide to start your new journey, don’t look back. Take with you those good things that are useful and leave behind those that have already served their purpose. You have the ability to overcome any difficult situation or relationship if you follow your intuition and inner wisdom with compassion. You won’t achieve anything if you force it, but with the power of your convictions and ingenuity.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 19)

October rewards you for your hard work and dedication. Your labor and leadership are recognized. Your coworkers celebrate and show their respect. You achieve the goals you have worked hard for a long time. You reap this month the fruit of your labor with money, abundance, and good health. You end a cycle in your life and begin a new one with the same enthusiasm, expectation, and enthusiasm of the first time. Look at life with joy. Enjoy and savor each moment. Stable relationships are established in love or in business: a new partnership, marriage, or engagements. There are new members of the family. Home and children become a priority. Decorate your home or grant yourself something you’ve wanted for a while. Go for a walk in nature. Reward yourself for reaching your goals and set new ones. After a well-deserved rest and celebration, you go back to work.

GEMINI (May 20 – June 19)

Friends and enemies are revealed this month. Don’t believe everything you see. October offers the chance to plan and carry out old, abandoned projects. For now, the end of the road is unclear, but you can see the first steps to take. Trust your initiative by taking control of your career and your decision-making. Stop for a moment and meditate about which battles to choose now and which to abandon. Your energy must be focused on yourself, in rebuilding your present, and building your future. This month you’ll work hard and, even though you’d like to reap now, the fruit is not ready yet. Be patient. Things may take longer than expected, but the final result is exactly what you wanted. You have the power to change your present situation. Trust in the mysteries of your inner voice. You can create a new reality, maintain your current one, or let go of people and situations that don’t serve you anymore. It’s up to you.

CANCER (June 20 – July 21)

This month is the first of an important year for you. Your career and spirituality become a priority. It is you who should take the initiative to get what you want. Starting today, begin to discover, develop, and express your true nature. Honor it they way it deserves. You and your loved ones are more happy when you’re being true yourself. Don’t compromise yourself to please others. You have needs, desires, and dreams no less important than anyone else’s. These are the non-negotiable pillars of your being. Value them as such. Trust your inner voice to remain authentic and loyal to your truth with courage. Don’t abandon yourself. With a clear mind, do not let emotions overwhelm you. Make reasonable decisions and let controlling people impose their desires upon you. Be ready to express and defend your feelings and goals. Be firm about what is important to you.

LEO (June 22 – August 21)

Savor in October the abundance of life, fruit of your hard work and dedication. Be grateful for having a place to live, clothes to keep you warm, food, love, and all those things you take for granted. This will be an important month to build new structures in your life, as well as working hard to get tangible results. Success is something you achieve through perseverance and slow but steady growth. It will be essential this month to leave behind any person, thing, or situation that oppress you and prevent you from manifesting your maximum expression. Doing so, though painful, will improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. Honor your true self, your divine flame, and let it shine. Spending time at home with family will bring you joy and satisfaction. You’ll live the plenitude that comes from your heart and your spirit. It’s what matters the most, to enjoy the little things in life.

VIRGO (August 22  – September 21)

In October, you come to a conclusion, you are not willing to live your success in your inner world and not in your outer world. Or viceversa. This month you’ll have the opportunity to produce the success and abundance you always wanted. The next twelve months will be crucial in the road towards your goals. Nonetheless, you will not be able to start your journey until your mind, heart, and decision-making ability are working integrally. The virtue of your spirit will identify that moment. Be patient and have faith. Use this time to nurture and take care of yourself. Think about all the aspects of your life where you are nurtured and protected and where you are not. Build and create the structures, situations, and realities that you need in health, finances, career, and relationships. Focus on being of service to yourself. Only you know what you want and only you can provide it to yourself.

LIBRA (September 22 – October 22)

October gives you the chance to experience and express love. Any relationship based on equality and equanimity of conditions will become a priority. This is the kind of relationship we rarely experience but it’s the one we hope for. It’s when we can love the other without sacrificing our self-love, without diminishing ourselves, nor neglecting our own needs. It’s through your relationships that you learn about yourself. The integration of your being happens through self-knowledge and the free expression of your identity. This month will help you heal old wounds, addictions, and health issues by getting rid of all excesses. The door opens to finding balance in your life and improving the relationship you have with yourself and others. During the process, you’ll receive the support of your loved ones. Beware of false expectations, suspicious offers, and falling into depression and self-destructive behaviors.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 20)

You recover your self-confidence, you let yourself shine, and you celebrate your true nature in October. Not only your talents are recognized, but also your inner light is used to further causes you believe in. Value yourself. Follow your heart. When you do so, you look radiant because the divine manifests through you. You have the ability and the power to achieve the impossible. There is no unreachable frontier for you. Something very deep inside makes you feel complete and you’ll set a new beginning in your life. There will be travels, moving to a new home, and encounters with foreigners. Inject all your passion and your love into your dreams. Don’t be afraid to explore the unknown and shape your ideas and creative endeavors, no matter how complicated or absurd they might seem. If it’s not challenging nor meaningful to you, it has no reason to exist in your life. Please yourself and follow the burning desire of your soul. If there is anyone capable of making miracles, it’s you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 20)

October takes you to thee world of darkness and mystery to set free, detach, and leave behind all patterns and conducts. Any process of transformation, death and rebirth is painful. Nonetheless, this is not the end but a new beginning. Life is a constant cycle of growth and change to keep us going. Old identities, lifestyles, relationship, and careers are left behind so something new can emerge in the horizon. Establish your priorities and make a compromise to yourself to prioritize and focus on your goals and dreams. It is putting all your dedication, hard work, and efforts in your intentions that you can obtain stable, safe, and tangible results. Everything will result in abundance and celebration. Use this month to use your communication skills to nurture, comfort, and motivate other people that generates tangible abundance emotionally, spiritually, and materially.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

October overwhelms you with extreme preoccupation and pessimism. You’re worried about everything: health, money, work, relationships, and creativity. At home, at work, or in your heart, there is a constant battle that makes you anxious and takes away time to be productive. Each person fights for what they want without listening nor negotiating. Somehow, you have been unable to express your needs. Even though you can survive any adversity or scarcity, you are creating an arid environment to keep out anyone who wants to be close. Let yourself receive gestures and expressions of love. You’re worth it. Dare to put emotion and passion to your endeavors. With determination, desire, and mental clarity you can be successful both in your career and in your relationships. Give yourself the chance to love and be loved, nurtured, and protected.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

October helps you to break old attachments so you can be more honest and authentic with yourself. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is bigger than the pain of the present situation and we prefer to remain in it. You have the opportunity to look within and decide what is it that you want knowing that the painful triumph is necessary to evolve, leaving behind hurtful relationships and situations. You may be tired but you know you must stay alert, active, and working. Focus on your mission and where to direct your efforts to obtain the results you want professionally and personally. Your spirit will give you the strength to go on. Now, don’t exceed yourself. You must do so in a balanced way where you can rest and nurture yourself properly. Be fair with yourself and others. Any pending legal matter will be resolved with honesty and justice.

PISCES (February 19 – March 19)

This month you’ll go after your own truth through travels, studies, or work. Your inspiration and visions of the future come from experiences that honor and express your true and evolved self. These experiences will torn down any belief or situation that gave you a false sense of stability, even change the belief you had about yourself. Sudden and unexpected changes of home, health, work, career, or partner will make you reconnect with your essence. Give yourself the chance to reflect in silence to regenerate and renovate yourself. To achieve peace, you must show up, pay attention, say the truth, and detach from the result. If you do so, a new, transformed being will emerge. Build the situations and structures you need. Stop playing the role of the victim. Open the door to change and have the certainty that at the end of the road your eternal side will shine like never before.

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