Tarot Horoscope: October 2013

With autum, The Hight Priestess opens to us the doors of our emotions, desires, and needs in October. The answers we’re looking for will not be found in external sources but in our inner self. It will be essential to dedicate time for reflection, silence and meditation with the purpose of discovering, developing, and expressing our true nature. Let’s tell our loved ones how much we love them, but more than knowing it, they must feel it because that knowing does not come from the mind, but the heart. Nothing will show it better than our actions, no matter how small. Romances flourish and the seeds of our dreams are planted which can manifest in pregnancies or in planning big endeavors. Ideas ignited by the fire of initiative get alive with the waters of emotion to then manifest with actions in our reality. Let’s focus on those projects that are meaningful to us, that we’re passionate about, and that express our selves and our feelings. Let’s start those creative ideas that originate from our inspiration and intuition. That is our inner fire expressing itself. Let’s let it shine and let ourselves be happy. Let’s accept our true selves with its dark side and its bright side. There is the key t wisdom, good judgement and creative capacity. Remember that life is a cycle and we must reconnect with the feminine energy that this month opens the doors to darkness, mystery, and transformation. Continue reading