The Secret to Negotiate With Each Zodiac Sign and Get What You Want

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No matter if you want your child to eat his vegetables, your boss to give you a raise, or your spouse to agree on which home to buy, you have to negotiate every day to get what you want. At times, to communicate an idea or desire seems quite challenging. You may say something clearly but the other person may understand something completely different. How can we communicate our message in the other person’s language so the doors of negotiation open up? Here I share with you twelve strategies based on Germán Rosas’ 12 Keys to a Successful Negotiation to understand better the nature of each astrological sign, push the right buttons, and talk business.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Aries people are natural leaders, explorers, and pioneers. They need to be independent, to be free to follow their own instinct and to be the starter of innovative endeavors. They want to be free to be themselves, to experience all kinds of life situations, and to be the center of attention. They need to be surrounded by people that feed them constant energy in order to feel safe and connected. With Aries, you must communicate directly, so get to the point right away. Compliment them, specially on their looks or achievements, but be sincere. They despise deceit and inauthenticity. They can be impulsive, impatient, and quick. They’ll be attracted to unexplored terrains to be conquered — specially if there is danger, risk, and adventure involved — or to new experiences where they have the autonomy to make their own decisions and take action. Repetition and routine bores them. Make sure to offer them something new or a new, different way to do something they’ve done before. They are very confident and courageous which makes them excellent cheerleaders and motivators. They help others willingly and expect to be reciprocated.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20)

Taurus people are natural hard workers, practical, and dependable. They need comfort and security, to meet their needs, and to enjoy the pleasures of life. Money, tangible results, and slow, steady growth is what they want.  They love their home and family life, which brings them a sense of emotional security, as well as material possessions, which gives them a sense of material stability. Be patient when negotiating with a Taurus. Encourage them to take their time to think and make a decision. Never rush them into anything, since they’re stubborn and won’t give in. Compliment their perseverance and work capacity. Take them to a nice place in nature or a great restaurant with soft music and great food. Taurus make business and close deals while eating. Food is their Achilles heel. They are willing to merge power with someone who has their same values, has something meaningful to offer, and can present them an opportunity for comfort, safety, and status quo. They are master builders and can build anything one step at a time when they follow the rules, so be clear with the norms to follow and expected results. They need to be autonomous and to establish something of tangible value.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Gemini people are natural communicators, salespersons, and teachers. They’re charming, elegant, good-mannered, and vivacious. They build friendships easily and are willing to do anything for their friends. They can be indecisive and extremely talkative, so make sure they listen and understand what is important to you by making them repeat what you said. Tell them, “Don’t talk so much, you’re confusing me!” to stun them and refocus their attention back to you. Never close a deal too quickly because they might have skipped important details or may have presented things in a misleading way. The best place to meet would be a hip, lively social setting, like the latest, trendy club or restaurant. Be careful when talking to them, since they tend to say what others want to hear. They want everyone to agree with them, support them, and understand their motivations. Gemini people are attracted to any opportunities for adventure and distribution of ideas where they can play, laugh, and have fun. They are very popular and know the latest news about any imaginable subject. If you need to find information, ask a Gemini for help.

CANCER (June 22 – July 20)

Cancer people are natural leaders, supporters, and nurturers. They are family-oriented, sensitive, and romantic. They look for emotional stability and make decisions based on feelings, emotions, and intuition, so don’t rush them into anything. They need to feel cared for, protected, and doted on. Give them time to connect to their feelings and needs and make a decision on their own. Approach them with a friendly, soft voice, kindness, and attention. Show interest in their family matters. Aggressiveness will take you nowhere. Since they need acknowledgement, compliment their contribution and support. Because they can’t hide their emotions easily, pay attention to their expressions and body language. They need to feel that they belong, so take your time to build a strong, genuine connection with them. The best place to make business with Cancer is over a meal with a romantic or family-oriented ambiance. They need to feel safe to share their feelings, thoughts, and desires. They are interested in anything that allows them to be supportive in a goal that is meaningful and important for them.

LEO (July 21 – August 20)

Leo people are natural artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. They need to feel loved, to be in center-stage, and look at life as a game. In creative endeavors, they are passionate and enthusiastic. They need to express themselves freely while taking risks and having fun. For Leo, their image, reputation, and pride is of highest importance, so compliment their virtues and achievements. Invite them to a luxurious place and treat them like royalty. Never hurt their self-love or pride unless you want to gain a merciless enemy. They’re attracted to any chance to shine, to experience joy, and to play. Having the applause and approval of others is irresistible to Leo. Present them opportunities that are aligned with their humanitarian ideals to cheer people up and bring happiness to others. This can result in bringing them closer to a supportive peer group or audience that will recognize and adore them, which is just what they want. They have a big heart and genuinely extend their hand to those in need.

VIRGO (August 21 – September 22)

Virgo people are natural analysts, organizers, and healers. They are pragmatic, detail-oriented, and organized. They make decisions based on usefulness. “Is it useful for me?”. They believe in productivity, making the biggest impact with minimum effort. Unless they have the certainty it will improve their comfort and finances, they don’t take risks. Any offers must be based on logic, concrete, and rational arguments. They are not sensitive, so if you object them you must do it with the wit of a scientist demonstrating a theorem. Compliment their intelligence and clear judgment.. Virgo people can be very anxious, critical, and nervous. They won’t let go of control because they want to put everything in “perfect order” their way. If they argue too much about one simple detail, refocus them to the larger picture, the ultimate goal, the vision. They are perfectionists and don’t accept mistakes, specially from themselves. They judge themselves and others harshly, so don’t tell them where they are at fault because they already know it. Be non-judgmental and treat them with compassion. This disarms them allowing them to relax and open their heart.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 21)

Libra people are natural mediators, public speakers, and counselors. They have a strong sense of fairness and justice and are great supporters. At the same time, they are in constant search for support, whether in business or in romance. They appreciate sophistication, harmony, and compromise. Speak to them in a soft tone of voice and choose your words carefully. They like clear communication and exchange of ideas. They want everyone to agree and make a decision together. Never approach them aggressively nor put them in discordant places or situations, but treat them with diplomacy, tact, and delicacy. Meet in a place surrounded by beauty, art, and good design. They can be indecisive at times and need help to define themselves. They tend to agree with everyone and their last opinion is based on their last conversation. For them, team effort and partnership are of highest value, so look for a win/win situation when negotiating.

SCORPIO (October 22 – November 20)

Scorpio people are natural hunters, psychologists, investors, and investigators. They are motivated by passion, challenge, risk, and conquest. They look for chances to merge power with others and create transformation and change. They need to find people with similar values and resources in order to build successful partnerships based on mutual empowerment, whether it’s in business or in love. When they find the right partner, the bonding can be profitable for everyone. They thrive in crisis-oriented situations that require constant change and growth. Meet in a dark, cave-like, highly decorated place, with collections displayed. Always give them suggestions instead of making direct offers. Don’t believe everything they say since they keep to themselves the most important details. Never lie to a Scorpio, since they have a great ability to uncover deceit and hidden things. They have powerful creative and psychic abilities. They love mystery and have endless energy. They don’t know the word “tomorrow” and want everything now. They are persistent, impatient and go-getters who don’t accept “no” as an answer.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 22)

Sagittarius people are natural philosophers, advocates, and promoters. They are motivated by adventure, knowledge, and the pursuit of truth. They plan for the far future and look for any opportunity to learn and travel. Meet in a bright, open, uncluttered space, with minimal decoration. They need space to move without bumping into things. Present your proposal not as a final destination, but as a catapult to something better. They like to think of goals as achievements that open the door to new opportunities. They love to socialize as much as they love time alone and in nature. They love to laugh out loud and it is important to laugh with them. Their gestures show their feelings in a transparent way, so keep an eye on their facial expressions and body language. They make decisions based on their intuition. They’ll do things that are inspiring and align with their beliefs. Sagittarians are optimistic, joyful, and enthusiastic. Their spiritual values are of highest importance, so they’ll follow any chance to make their life meaningful and purposeful. They have a hard time saying “no” and feel the need to justify their decisions. Even though they like spontaneity, they think carefully when making an important decision. They run away from confrontation. They have a strong sense of justice and want to do what is right.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 20)

Capricorn people are natural entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. They are thirsty for success and are goal-oriented. These are the astute, strategic, and poker-faced businesspeople. It’s difficult to know what they’re thinking or feeling because they don’t show emotion nor talk much. They don’t let emotion or fear dominate their decision making. Even though they seem to be cold-hearted, it’s only a facade. Deep inside, they are very humble, vulnerable, loving, and caring. They want to feel they’re needed and desire intimacy and connection. The place of meeting is not so important as the subject to be discussed, so be prepared. Disarm their shyness and bashfulness showing them how much you sincerely care about them. Be extremely honest, get to know them, and earn their trust so you can identify which goals are meaningful to them. Don’t give them a definite answer immediately, since they might be using a strategy of surprise, their favorite method. They genuinely want to help and tend to take charge of situations to find a solution right away because of their strong sense of responsibility. They think they are responsible for everything and everyone, which makes them control freaks. They are attracted to achievements, recognition, and status quo. They want to leave a footprint in society and make a difference.

AQUARIUS (January 22 – February 21)

Aquarius people are natural visionaries, idealists, and humanitarians. They are motivated by innovation, knowledge, and friendships. They are objective and avant-garde and work best within a group. Let them share their unorthodox, futuristic ideas and learn about their interests. You might be surprised by their enthusiasm and creativity when they set goals that align with their altruistic dreams or bring the future to the present. Offer them opportunities to innovate, to break the norm or, promote or to further a cause they believe in. Conservative ideas turn them off and they’re not interested in tradition. Aquarians are not businesspeople but creators and don’t believe in hierarchy but in equality. Approach them as a friend, as an equal, never from a position of authority (“I’m the boss, so do as I say”) or they will rebel against you. They don’t respect authority unless they have been demonstrated why that person is the right leader, which is being more fair and more knowledgeable than them. They’re attracted to knowledge and work for the greater good, never for their own personal benefit. They won’t stick to one plan, but change, improve, and renovate their ideas constantly.

PISCES (February 22 – March 20)

Pisces people are natural helpers, visionaries, and artists. They are sensitive, selfless, and avoid conflict at all costs. They work well alone, in a private space or office. Spirituality, reflection, and service is of high importance to them and they draw their best ideas from divine inspiration. They need to experience peace and oneness daily. Take them to a place of other-worldly beauty and have good food when negotiating. Speak softly, like an angel, use your best manners, and show your good intentions. They are helpless romantics and melt at gestures of love, kindness and honesty. Tell them how they can be useful and emphasize the importance of doing the right thing. They’re attracted to any opportunities that benefits the greater good, a humanitarian cause or an ideal. They want to be of service, to help those in need, the victims and the unprivileged. They’re moved at the sight of tears and suffering and are willing to sacrifice their needs for the group’s best interest. Give them time to analyze and understand everything to perfection. Don’t rush them. Focus on the big picture and they’ll help to make a dream a reality by taking you through the steps and details required in an organized way. They are very creative and fantasize of bringing heaven to earth. Show your gratitude, even though they don’t expect reciprocity, and you’ll win them over.

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