Predictions 2013

There is no truce in 2013. It is a year to take charge of our lives and build our own destiny. We pull up our sleeves and work hard to make our dreams come true. The time to dream is over. It’s time to make it happen. Only through effort, discipline and hard work we’ll be able to achieve what we want. The results will be in proportion with the effort we put to fight for our desires. Leadership, managing people towards a common goal, and the control of our emotions to avoid them to control ourselves will be important skills to learn and develop this year. We must judge fairly, sensibly, and reasonably which projects and relationships are worth of our time and effort. We must eliminate what doesn’t work and keep what does, what is useful and productive. If we don’t take action and wait for others to solve our problems, we won’t accomplish anything. Many will move to a foreign country or fly away from the nest to conquer new horizons without forgetting their roots. Any business ventures that guarantee a positive impact in society will be favorable, earning recognition and positive reputation. Those who use their authority wisely and sensibly will influence and reconfirm their social position. Those who abuse of their power will loose thier position publicly, damaging irreversibly their reputation and image. We will be under the public eye constantly. We will have a unique opportunity to show what we’re made of by overcoming both our own expectations and others’. It is in our hands to make of 2013 a productive and unforgettable year. We have in our hands the key that opens all the doors and time is on our side. Let’s not waste this chance to trace our own path and the path to the world that we want to create.

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