Total Solar Eclipse on November 13: New alliances


Today we have the opportunity for a fresh start, creating new teams, new alliances, and new associations combining efforts to achieve a common vision. Staying alone, we will achieve nothing. 

November 13 is a New Moon in Scorpio day. Since this eclipse occurs in the North Node in Libra, it will invite us to increase our awareness of the other. We must leave behind the unending search for independence, since this leaves us feeling incomplete at the end. On the other hand, we must take the risk to loose ourselves into helping someone else. It is through selfless support that we will be able to shine and be happy. Any alliance and association, whether corporate or conjugal, will become more important starting today. We must develop cooperation, diplomacy, tact, compromise, and sharing. We must learn to work together as a team based on agreements, giving selflessly without expecting something in return. We must develop leadership and independence but not to use it for our own benefit, but to inject confidence to others, empowering them so they can reach their goals. To establish justice for all is the collective purpose and it is possible if we consider other people, asking them questions and giving them the chance to express their feelings. With that information, we can find a better solution for all. To assume is to fail because each person has ideas and points of view different than ours.

The New Moon in Scorpio will bring many fears that we must eliminate, like accepting constructive change, leave behind anything that makes us stagnant and lacking energy, and get rid of unnecessary possessions. We must learn to enjoy things without owning them, to accept the support from others (whether it is money, ideas, or opportunities), and to enjoy high-risk situations that make us feel alive. We must open the door to alliances, associations, the support of others, and join forces. It is important to be aware of the desires, motives, and necessity of others. Of course, we cannot unite with anybody, but with someone with whom we share the same vision, the same values, and the same passions. Through clear and honest communication, we can discover who are the appropriate members of our teams. Since today is a New Moon, we must not begin anything important today, but we must plan and reflect. It is a good day to meditate, to get rid of karmic ties and of any excessive behavior that hinders the evolution of our soul. Let’s plant today the seed of a new future.

From the point of view of astrology, eclipses represent changes in our Birth Charts. As seen from Earth, the moon creates a shadow over the sun. The Sun, which represents who will we become in the future, how we project ourselves to others, and how we defend our territory, is being obscured by the Moon, our emotions and ties to the past. In other words, our solar consciousness is being eclipsed by our unconscious lunar emotions. The Moon represents our past (in this and in past lives), our mother, how we express our emotions, our dark and hidden side, and how we manage and experience time. As we know of every planetary transit, this is only relevant if it is in aspect with our Birth Chart. For this reason, some will feel its effects stronger than others. If the transit does not have an aspect or activates an aspect with our chart, its effects will only be evident in our surrounding environment.

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