Results Obama vs. Romney: an astrological analysis

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The most recent polls that pretend to predict who will win the presidential elections in the United States have described it as “very close” and hesitate to name a clear winner. I decided to make my own predictions based on the birth charts of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. It is true that the birth chart of a country is used to predict events of the nation, but it is studying the birth chart of its leader how we can see the direction a nation takes in a determined moment within that framework.

Let’s make clear that a birth chart is the life map of a person based on a chart of the heavens at the place and time of his or her birth. It indicates all the events of the life of the person in question. Transits and progressions indicate when those events in a chart are more prone to happen or not. For this analysis, I take a close look to the transits and progressions that activate aspects (events) in the chart of each candidate.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: Carta Eclíptica

Mitt Romney: Carta Ascensional

Romney has his Saturn in Leo in the 3rd House active, with gives him difficulties with communicating, the media, and technology impacting his image in a negative way. During the election day, Saturn can bring problems with documents and technology. Many voters may face problems with their ID cards or their registration, for example. There might be ballots that get lost or counted incorrectly (to favor Romney or not), electronic machines and computers not working properly or transportation issues where the people or supplies have a hard time reaching their destiny. Many of these issues have already been reported by the press, either volunteers destroying or hiding ballots or voting machines that chose the candidates the voters do not intend to vote for. The media will report this, which will hurt Romney’s image, specially, in a way that points him as stealing votes, even when the reality is that he has nothing to do with it. Nonetheless, there will be many cases that will be resolved on time so that they can be counted properly. Romney and his team will make everything possible to solve these cases and reestablish his good reputation successfully. This negative aspect is stressed by Mercury activated a square between Mercury and Uranus in his chart, which not only hurts his reputation, but also indicate a rejection, specially from some superiors and protectors that financed his campaign, and his values are questioned. This square is transformed from a square in his Ecliptical Chart to a 75˚ aspect in his Ascensional Chart. His image will be reestablished but maybe not at the level that is expected to avoid a permanent scar. The ecliptical trine between Pluto and Saturn turns into a 15˚ aspect in his Ascensional Chart, which makes everything look like he is the clear winner the election but makes the margin of winning very slim. The final result is much smaller than expected for better or worse. Even though this is a minor aspect, the slow planets involved have a big effect, activating the desire of his soul, as part of his learning and evolution, to experience positions of authority with transforming power over society. Romeny is learning – as a businessman, governor, or president – to manage power fairly, without letting others take over and use him as a puppet or, on the other hand, to govern without abusing his authority. Whatever the final result, he must emphasize and execute his desire to operate in cooperation and harmony with people from different ideals and points of view to reach the goals that take his community and his country progress and succeed.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama: Carta Eclíptica

Barack Obama: Carta Ascensional

Obama has practically all his birth chart active by transits and primary directions, which means that the best and worst of his chart are playing an important role in his destiny. I’m drawn towards his square between Saturn and Neptune. This negative aspect puts at risk his position as president. During the elections, he will suffer extreme anxiety due to his Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th House, which gives him feelings of impotence over circumstances beyond his hands (Neptune in the 9th). This is related with the effects of Romney’s Saturn mentioned above. These are moments when he needs to let go and trust the universe and his destiny, to trust the power of his faith. That’s why Saturn “attracts” situations of crisis in chaos throughout his life to provoke his learning and evolution to serve, to establish unconventional social structures, and make true his ideals of equality for all. This is the same aspect that affected the donations to his campaign, specially by big companies, and lead to the campaign reaching everyone asking for $5 to, amongst other things, cover the expenses of the Democratic Convention. Jupiter in transit activates his Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th House which, in one hand, activates and opposition with Mercury, accentuating the negative effects of his Saturn and threatening his election, but on the other hand, it activates the sextile with the Wheel of Fortune in his 10th House, which confirms that he is destined to be president, since he is president right now. Venus activates his North Node, which not only activates his purpose and mission in life to create social change to protect those more vulnerable, but also indicate the important role of his wife Michelle as his emotional and spiritual support. Their beautiful relationship is very known and Obama would never be where he is right now without her. Michelle helps to put his feet on the ground, to be more pragmatic, which helps him to make his dreams come true from his dreamer and idealist mind. Despite the results of the elections, Pluto entering his 1st House calls my attention for it can precipitate a feeling of loss of identity, of loosing himself, which is turned into his greater fear through his active Saturn on the 12th. He can suffer physical ailments, as well as mental and emotional. Obviously, if he looses this election, this is related to what to do in this new chapter in his life, but if he is re-elected, he must go after the big, radical social changes that he wants without thinking it twice, without being concerned about what other people think, and without looking back. His Uranus stresses his tendency to think things throughly before acting, sometimes a little too much, to the extent of making decisions too late. It is good to be methodical, but within a reasonable timeframe. Obviously, this will cause lots of opposition from those who think different and may emphasize the public perception of him being a distant and obstinate person, but that is the way in which he is able to leave a footprint in mankind’s history, no matter if it is from the Oval Office or not. He must learn to do what is right and not please other people, which is indicated by Pluto entering his 7th House.


These are the aspects that called my attention the most and that can make a difference. The election will be very close and both have big chances of winning. Both have strong, active aspects for and against them. The key is how powerful each positive aspect is to counterweight the effect of the negative aspects. After analyzing both charts, I believe that Obama has bigger chances to win the election for a small margin, even though Romney will be a very strong, battling contender. It is Obama’s North Node – his mission and purpose in life – what, in my opinion, will work more on his favor. In the beginning, the race will be very, very close, but at the end there will be a clear winner. It is important that both candidates and their teams take some time in solitude and out of the public eye, as it is the norm, specially in anything concerned with problems in the counting of votes, electronic machines that are not working properly, since it can affect seriously the reputation of the candidates and the credibility of the elections.

I ask to all my readers to go and vote according to your values and convictions. Despite the differences in opinion, which is normal, we all vote with the best intention of doing what we think is best for our nation.

For this analysis, I used Modern and Helenistic Astrology with the System of Ascensional Houses. These predictions do not necessarily represent my personal opinion or preferences concerning the presidential candidates.


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